The Thursday Five – That Fan Made Bond Trailer & Other Cool Things


‘You’re sentimental towards him’ – Mallory, Skyfall I’ve scoured the four corners of Switzerland this week to bring you some rather nifty stuff. Admittedly I should have done some kind of comprehensive travel blog, highlighting the best hotels in Zermatt,… Continue Reading

Upgrading the Sock Draw with M.P Crafted Garments


‘I can’t get rid of these socks.’ ‘Why not?’ ‘They have sentimental value.’ ‘Ok so we’ll frame them, but they are not going back on your feet.’ (The Missus and I last week). THE BUILD UP There are many compromises… Continue Reading

Top 9 Italian Models to Follow on Instagram


‘Southpaw nothing, I’ll drop him in 3. The Italian Stallion. Sounds like a damn monster movie.‘ – Apollo, Rocky.  The Italians do many things in an efficacious manner. From Silvio Berlusconi calling Angela Merkel an unf*ckable lard-arse, to Monica Belluci doing, well whatever she… Continue Reading