Top 5 Yogi’s to Follow on Instagram

Caroline 02_24_2012

Sean: You know you’d be better off shoving that cigarette up your ass it would probably be healthier for you. Will: Yeah, I know it really gets in the way of my yoga.”Good Will Hunting. 

Yoga isn’t just about looking good in tight joggers or learning how to control your flatulence. For some it’s a way of life, a journey of self discovery and a chance to develop a strong core. You can learn disciplines that you can take into every day life like breathing and ….stuff. It can also be about looking good in tight joggers. Here for your viewing pleasure, and in no discernible order are the Top Five Yogi’s for you to follow on Instagram.



Haley is an advocate for healthy body image and mental health. She has managed to fuse the past few years as a Life Coach facilitating women’s workshops, becoming a Reiki Master in the traditional Usui lineage and now, as a Yoga Teacher, bringing her two passions together through her Sacred Shakti™ workshops and retreats. Not only that but she keeps her house impeccably clean. I guess one of the benefits of dating a Yogi is that they’ll always make the bed, empty the ashtray and rid the house of used beer cans. Or simply not date a slob. They might plum for that option too.



Anna is a Russian YOGA teacher and community leader based in Grenoble, France. This lady can bend like a pretzel and her page is littered with amazing postures with incredible scerenic backdrops. Incidentally I did try that pose in the picture above earlier on this week. Although I collapsed in a heap, knocked off a table lamp and badly bruised my hip, I think the cats have a new found respect for me.



Olga is an inspiration to us all. Her profile and attitude to life proves that even if you are suffering from obesity you can still be a Yogi, a PHD Student and a sports medicine physician. Olga has confronted her obesity head on and has lead the way for a .. Oh she’s pregnant? … Not obese… Oh that makes more sense. Olga’s website will lend some amazing advice for pregnant women looking to stay healthy and continue their Yogi lifestyle.



Jessica has always been hot, I mean athletic. Getting up at 5am every morning to train she has dedicated her life to sport. However being hot/athletic doesn’t necessarily translate into being dextrous.
“When I started my yoga journey, I couldn’t even touch my toes.” – Jessica Olie. 
She found yoga at a stressful time in her life and now she hasn’t looked back. If you’re looking to start your yoga journey then you should check out Jessica’s eBook #LetsStartYoga.
And lastly but not leastly, Caroline Anne. Caroline Anne is a professional yoga model living in the UK.  An ex-gymnast turned yoga girl Caroline Anne practices her own yoga gymnastics fusion.  She took her first yoga challenge in October 2014 and is now a self-confessed addict. “Being a gymnast I am lucky that I was already flexible and not afraid of being upside down.” – Caroline Anne. God I wish I went to gymnastics instead of chess class.
Tune in next week for Top 5 Hottest Chess Players to Follow on Instagram.

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