Teddy Edward


Brand: Teddy Edward

Location: Milan, Italy.

A fantastic British brand, was very pleased with the way the shoot turned out considering we had such downpours. Turned out that the bad weather was a blessing in disguise as we got to see how waterproof the Quorn Jacket really was. Taken on a the Nikon D300. Full review can be found here.

We’re a new brand, proud to be manufacturing and working with all the craftsmen in Great Britain. Peter is great example of this and a pleasure to work with. 
We love the images he took, its great to see our luxury British-made collection in a new environment, especially in the stunning fashion-central Milan!
Love the review, amplifies our waterproof material used on our Quorn Jacket and Baker Boy Hat that kept him dry in his quick get away from Britain, only to find it rains in Milan too!
Thanks Pete.” Stephen Reed, Founder.








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