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It’s been in the pipeline for some time, but yesterday saw the official launch of GreatDrams Radio, hosted by GreatDrams writer and founder Greg Dillon, now available to download on iTunes. We’re proud to announce our collaboration with GreatDrams Radio as we’ll be co-hosting the weekly show that will focus mainly on whisky and other distilled spirits. The inaugural episode takes a look at the current Islay Festival as we speak to Donald Colville, Malts ambassador to Diageo.

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What is going on at the festival? 

We’re coming out of the busy period, Saturday just gone was Lagavulin day, every year they have the honour of opening the festival. We were very humbled by the amount of people that came and visited us, they stay for the masterclasses, operator tours, cocktail sessions and the music of course. Scotch is still the worlds favourite whisky, no doubt.

What plans does the festival have for the future?

The expansion question is the one that’s the hardest, there is only a physical amount you can do with the island, it’s reaching saturation point. Only a certain amount of land you can pitch a tent. There is a golf course opening soon, so there will be hotels etc, so there will be more accommodation shortly. But I quite like the inimatacy, some people make the pilgramage from all over for this festival, people book their tickets for next year as soon as they leave.

What challenges do you the islanders have? 

Yeah when I come here its like a homecoming, I grew up a stones throw from here on the mainland. The small community can be quite enclosing, but also very comforting and people are always there for each other. Islay is one of the most friendliest places in the world.

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