Introducing Dwimmer – Gamechanging Neckwear


‘Everyone’s a Dwimmer baby that’s the truth.’ Apologies, but that track was running around in my head the entire weekend. I always like to think of future jingles for advertising campaigns. Honestly why Lidl hasn’t used the Oasis track ‘Little by Little’ and morphed it into ‘Lidl buy Lidl’ is beyond me. I digress.


Lets talk Dwimmer shall we? If you click on any picture it will send you direct to the shop where you can purchase the featured tie. Each piece is handmade in California, presented in a nice wooden and acetate box (fit for a fine bottle of cognac no less) is thick to the touch and is easy enough to slip on. Although that said, I still got the missus to do it.


In the picture above where I look the whitest human being in Amsterdam, I’m rocking the Quevedo Bold Tie for $150. Measurements: Extends 20″ from where neck hits to tip and the front fabric is synthetic. I thought a black shirt would accentuate the checkered red stitching, and conversely, a plain white shirt would do the same for the black in the picture below. I think both the spread and the point collar work, but felt more at home with the spread. Seeing as the patent pending fasten is the key feature, its exposes that asset more.


Moving on to me looking studious at the A-Train hotel, (review coming shortly) I’m pretending to write something of importance down as per usual. I know sporting a tie with a button down collar is against the rules, but how dull would life be if we all followed fashion rules? This thick Earth Green Aleister tie you see me wear below is made from 100% wool and is probably my pick of the bunch. It received two complimentary remarks from strangers and works better with a cardigan in my view. Although couldn’t resist seeing if it would pair up with my bobby dazzler Hoi An jacket a couple of pics down.





This next one is from the Huxley range and will be launched later in the year. But I wanted to give you a sneaky peak. I paired it with my sky blue light cotton Hoi An shirt with straight collar.




In summary, the ties are novel, good quality, well presented on delivery and the design element is highly creative. My only concern would be the price bracket it falls in and whether the innovative design can appeal to the demographic and upper echelons of society at which this is targeted.  I think this is perfect for a maverick business man looking to make a name for himself in the boardroom. It’s perfect for the smart end of casual, though not convinced it will be appropriate for formal occasions. I wish Dwimmer the best of luck.





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