Introducing Moonshine – The Ultimate Skateboarding Brand


Girl: “What’s that thing he’s riding?Guy: “It’s a board with wheels!” – Back to the Future. 

Whilst I was busy being the oldest dude in NASS fest the other week, I chanced across Moonshine, a skateboarding brand that does boards and apparel. At the time I had a semi-racist thought that Moonshine would have been a good name for a black Gladiator. That’s only semi-racist, I mean lest we forget they called Shadow, Shadow – and Nightshade, Nightshade. Just imagine what other names the producers of ITV’s Gladiators had in the hat. “How about ‘Blackout’?” Says one. “No it’s too on the nose. How about ‘Chocolate Fury’?” Says the other…. I digress.

Representing Moonshine in the UK is Christopher Hudson and here’s what he had to say.

The worst injury you’ve seen skateboarding or have suffered yourself? 

I’ve been skating for 31 years so I’ve seen many a broken bones over the years, I’ve had 17 breaks or fractures myself but the worst injury was a dislocated knee an bout 2 years ago. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt from skateboarding and still have a few issues with it now. 

What’s the most important thing when shopping for a Skateboard? 

For me a board is a very personal choice, size, wheelbase and concave are the main factors for me. I’d always find the decks in the size I wanted and stand on them on the floor, get a feel for the concave. I’ve never really bought decks because of graphics or company logo, just what feels good under foot. 

Are you pro or against Skateboarding being in the Olympics?

I’m all for skateboarding going in the Olympics, I just hope that they have the right people competing and the right people judging and commentating. I’m not sure what aspects of skating will be in the Olympics, I think bowl or vert should be at the top of the list as its a lot more impressive to watch than say street skating, but that’s just my opinion.


Other than Back to the Future what’s the best skateboarding scene in a movie?

I’m not sure there’s ever been amazing skateboarding in movies, I remember the bones brigade in police academy 4 I think and have found memories of watching gleaming the cude as a kid. That’s about as far as it goes. 

Tell me a little bit about the history of the brand and how you got involved?

Moonshine was created nearly 2 years ago by Adam Nanaa in the states. He basically set up a company and had a few boards produced for tHe few guys he had on the team, mainly pro vert riders Rich Lopez and Jake Anderson in the UK. Jake got my step son Jesse Thomas hooked up on Moonshine so I just started talking with Adam as Jesse’s dad. 

He needed someone in the UK to push the brand this side of the world and I was very interested. I liked the fact that it was vert skaters that would be on the team and it was good timing as I was thinking about opening a skate shop in my home city of Lincoln. 


I got involved almost immediately, started printing some clothing and found a new deck supplier in the states ( Pennswood MFG ) and that was it. The first deck order was for 150 decks which seemed really big at the time. I’m now waiting on the 4th delivery from Pennswood so things have really picked up and we’re getting a lot of attention all over the world. It’s been a massive whirl wind and in the last year and half things have just gone from strength to strength. We have some of the best vert skaters in the world riding for us, the brand is in about 20 shops throughout the UK, numerous shops in Europe are very keen to stock them and distribution in the states is all happening. It’s still the very early stages of the company but we’re having fun and I’m getting to skate a lot so I’m very happy. 


Shadow back in the day



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