The Best on Show at Jacket Required


“Christie…look at the camera.” – Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

It was a smash and grab at Jacket Required event this year. I didn’t even have time to visit the gifting suite. Or as I like to call it, the gifting sweeeeeet. But I want everyone with a penchant for nostalgic family photo albums to check out the Impossible Project. I got unexpectedly aroused when I found these guys were single handedly resurrecting Polaroid cameras. The cartridges go for 16 sheets for 8 photos, so you better make sure you’re not pointing it at your feet or your best mate isn’t deliberately sabotaging the shot by unfurling his nut sack through the fly of his jeans.


Whoever said print is dead can simply fuck off yeah? Because EI Publishing are going strong, smashing out all kinds of publications. Ok so some are in Japanese, and christ knows how much they cost, but the imagery looked strong and does anyone read anymore or are we all just looking at pictures and quietly judging people?


I will give a mention to Replay, although they’re hardly an up and coming independent in need of free exposure. They do make awesome jeans, however. I wear my Hyperflex all the time in London and whenever the cat bounces on my lap and starts clawing away at my groin, it gets a quick slap around the chops and a stern telling off. Of course the cat then throws up, takes a shit on the rug and knocks over a glass vase just to prove who’s boss. And fair play.


Lastly a quick nod to the guys at Monkee Genes. They do everything organically, a perfect gift for your vegan or lactose intolerant girlfriend. I used to own a pair of Monkee Genes and someone half-inched them. I have since posted a reward – a free reach around to anyone that returns my navy Monkee Genes (size 32 short) or simply, buys me a new pair.



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