Who’s the man to Beat at the UK Beatboxing Championship in Bristol?


“I am Godzilla! You are Japan!” – Critical Bill, Things to do in Denver when you’re Dead.

I’ve never meddled with beatboxing. By the time it came on my radar I had just fallen over the 30 year line. What’s the point in learning anything new at that age? You may as well accept your lot in life, marry, put on 20lbs, shit out a kid and pray for a quick death. Like Christopher Lloyd in that film, Things to do in Denver when You’re Dead. He calmly walks up to Steve Buscemi and politely asks, ‘Do me a favour, do it quickly.‘ Then Steve Buscemi shoots him up the arse, Buckwheats. Sorry I digress.


‘Either 2 years or 82 beatboxing can be done by anyone. Beatboxing is an artform not just a party trick, you could do anything if you put your mind to it. It’s not limited to competitions, its seen everywhere, tv adverts, utilised in so many forms, you can collaborate rappers, instrumentalists, singers, its just like any other instrument.’ MC Zani

Now the mecca for UK beatboxing has is returning to Bristol. Last November, 1000 people (in London) and 90+ countries (on live stream) witnessed a legendary ‘10 year anniversary’ live show that went down in UK Beatbox Championships (UKBC) history.  This year UKBC gets even bigger by taking the fireworks nationwide once more.


‘You can practice anywhere take it with you, you want to mimic the train going by, a car, a drum beat you’re hearing, sounds you make on the toilet if you want to.’ MC Zani. 

This highly anticipated event brings together the world famous UKBC live show – a riotous, high octane competition featuring the most cutting edge beatbox vocal artists – with boundary-pushing live music at the forefront of UK Hip Hop and Bass culture. Whether you are a beatbox newbie or a seasoned veteran, this is one audience experience like no other. It will leave you thrilled, inspired and breathless. This is a true celebration of the human voice and underground culture.



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