Would You Wednesday – Andrea Mclean

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The loose woman presenter Andrea Mclean (46) showed her professional pedigree on Loose Women this week when she quickly diffused an offensive outburst from Katie Price’s son Harvey on live television. Here are the round up of the best tweets surrounding the event.

Andrea Mclean claims to be good at DIY and makes a mean rum punch. I can attest to this as at a house party recently I tried her rum punch and it had fu8k all rum in it. You don’t get any meaner than that in my book. @AlchyJohn

Hi @AlchyJohn I’m sorry you felt short-changed with the free rum punch we gave you at the party recently. However I witnessed Andrea putting an entire bottle of Sailor Jerry’s into that punch, which you drunk in it’s entirety. This was possibly the catalyst for you pissing in the cat litter, giving my Jewish mother the nazi salute and interfering with our ten year old twins. @AndreasHusband

Hi @AndreasHusband, despite my reservations about the punch it was a fantastic party. I can’t find my pocket watch anywhere, did I leave it in the twins bed? @AlchyJohn


It’s weird but I think Andrea Mclean looks the spit of Julia Roberts. What’s weird is that I don’t fancy Julia Roberts in the slightest, but fantasise over Andrea Mclean at least 5 times a day. Isn’t that weird? @HousemateNeil

I was googling Andrea Mclean topless and fell into something of a Google wormhole. Eventually after 8 hours in the wilderness my journey ended with this picture of a man firing a cannonball at his stomach. It’s a fascinating place the internet isn’t it? @ThatDapperChap


Andrea Mclean claims to do freelance writing for magazines when asked. Well I asked her if she wanted to write for my magazine, ‘Sex with Sharks in Public Places’ and she didn’t even reply to my email. Once again Andrea is all mouth and no trousers. @AlchyJohn

Hi @AlchyJohn Andrea tells me she never received the email regarding the freelance writing, would you mind resending it? She did get the one where you asked her to ‘mug off your loser husband’, run away with you to the Isle of Man and watch you drink yourself to death. @AndreasHusband

Hi @AndreasHusband I will resend the email now thanks. @AlchyJohn


Disclaimer – the tweets and twitter handles are fictional, and there is no such publication as Sex with Sharks in Public Places. – Editor




  1. Ian
    May 18, 2016 / 1:23 pm

    Understand your crush completely. I share it.

    • May 18, 2016 / 10:44 pm

      She is a tremendous creature. Still not enough of a draw for me to watch Loose Women mind.

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