Would You Wednesday – Black Girls Rock Awards 2016

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attends Black Girls Rock! 2016 on April 1, 2016 in New York City.

The 2016 BET Black Girls Rock award show aired Tuesday 5th April to celebrate all that black women offer to the music and entertainment industry. The attendees also enjoyed performances by Monica and Jazmine Sullivan. But one unexpected appearance came later in the night, with Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Here’s a round up of the significant tweets surrounding the event.


Don’t adjust your sets

I heard Hilary Clinton cameo’d at the Black Girls Rock Award show last night. Now I didn’t study anthropology at college, but ain’t dat bitch whiiite? Actually I did study anthropology at college and even went on to get a masters degree. I hope this confession doesn’t diminish my gag at all. @IStudyHumans

It’s amazing how little we have seen of Diana Ross since she missed that penalty at the opening ceremony of the 94 World Cup. Everyone talks about Roberto Baggio’s penalty miss in the final, but for me this was far worse and put women’s football back into the dark ages. No pun intended. @MsGabbyLogan

My Uncle Horace was a fantastic role model for me. His wife of 50 years Aunt Trudy was black and Uncle Horace would be constantly telling us that he doesn’t see colour. He was colour blind so literally couldn’t see colour. When he found out Aunt Trudy was black he divorced her on the spot and was forced to withdraw his candidacy for Imperial Wizard for the KKK. @StandUpStan

I was told I was always the black sheep of the family, and once you go black you never go back. This became ever apparent to me as one night I went to drop the 16 year old baby sitter off down the road and instead emigrated with her to the south of France leaving my pregnant wife and four kids. I don’t think this quite comes together as aa gag, but then I’m an Anthropologist, not a stand up comedian. @IStudyHumans

I can’t believe there wasn’t a shout out for Moira Stuart at the Black Girls Rock Awards. Rihanna has only been on the scene for five minutes and already they’re handing her awards. Come on black folk, give ol’ Moira a shout out at least! @TrevaaaTheDonMcDonald

Moira Stuart not nominated

Moira Stuart not nominated

Can we also have a shoutout for Judy Simpson (Nightshade from Gladiator) I think she was the only female on that show that Hunter didn’t smash. Clearly a classy lady, with integrity and taste. @NotRichardKeys

Hi @NotRichardKeys you’re quite right, amazingly Nightshade was immune to my charms. I later found out she had a thing against guys with perms dressed in lycra. What are the odds? @HunterFromGladiators


Disclaimer – none of these tweets are real and all twitter handles are fictional. I think.


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