Would You Wednesday – Diane Lane V Her Daughter

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Diane Lane turned up to the première of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in New York on Sunday with her daughter Eleanor Lambert. Lane 51 plays Clark Kent’s mother and was keen to get her daughter in the spotlight and give Lambert (22), whom is currently signed with Wilhelmina models, a little media exposure. It immediately set tongues wagging and social media became an impromptu voting station as people had their say on who got the spoils.

Great to see Diane Lane back in the limelight. I really fancied her in that film Unfaithful where she cheats on Richard Gere by shacking up with this French book dealer. That French book dealer later went on to date Kylie Minogue. He later dumped her and married Halle Berry. Just goes to show if you have a couple of books lying around, you can crush serious ass. @NotJoeyLondon

I’m incredibly torn on which one of these lovely ladies I’d like to bed. I haven’t been this divided since those twins turned up in Neighbours. I know this is a hypothetical but I might just have to take the Stefan Dennis option and bag them both, accept the consequences. @ThatDapperChap


Wouldn’t you be pissed if you were Diane Lane’s other half? You hear she’s been cast in a Superman flick and your mind immediately turns to meeting celebs on the red carpet. Then she pulls this on ya. F8cking women. @SupermanSuperfan

Hi @SupermanSuperfan I’m Diane Lane’s other half. You’re right on the money, I was madder than hell when I found out. However when she explained that our daughter could do with the publicity I of course gave up my seat, took it like a gentleman. So I stayed in, watched the game, did some blow, hired a couple of girls. It wasn’t all bad. @DianeLanesOtherHalf

It just goes to show if you have a hot Mum it can increase your career ten fold. Which is why I resent my Mother for being over 250lbs and being what Silvio Berlusconi might refer to as ‘an Unf*ckable lard arse’. @21stCenturyGent

Silvio Berlusconi

I wasn’t much of a Diane Lane fan. That was until @SandiToksvig sent me this Youtube clip of all the steamy sex scenes in that film Unfaithful. Thank god for @SandiToksvig’s filthy one tracked mind. @NotClareBalding


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