Would you Wednesday – Heather Graham

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Heather Graham hit the headlines this week after being photographed taking a stroll on a beach with Coldplay front man Chris Martin in Malibu. As per usual Twitter went into melt down as the rumours started to circulate. We rounded up the best tweets on the event.

So when a man and woman take a walk on a beach we just assume they’re f**king do we? What kind of society are we living in? My sister and I took a walk down Lowestoft beach the other day, do people assume we are engaged in an incestuous relationship? Ironically we are but she’s my half sister and f**ks like a champ. @TakoTheDriver

*EXCLUSIVE* Malibu, CA - *EXCLUSIVE* Malibu, CA - Coldplay's Chris Martin and Heather Graham go for a stroll on the beach together on a sunny Sunday. The odd pair appeared to be enjoying the good weather in between shows for Coldplay's tour schedule. AKM-GSI 25 APRIL 2016 To License These Photos, Please Contact : Maria Buda (917) 242-1505 mbuda@akmgsi.com or Steve Ginsburg (310) 505-8447 (323) 423-9397 steve@akmgsi.com sales@akmgsi.com

Heather and Chris, not blood related

A lot of people hate Coldplay for being bland and derivative, I don’t. I quite like them. Although I doubt my taste in music counts for anything because I also like M People and the Lightning Seeds. @ThatDapperChap

I’ve always had a thing for Heather Graham since seeing her pop out of that cake topless in Die Hard. Don’t we all? @BarryLovesBingo

Hi @BarryLovesBingo I think you might be confusing Heather Graham with Erika Eleniak and that was Under Siege not Die Hard. @NotHaroldBishop

Well that’s embarrassing, I was way off. Still great scene she will be missed, RIP Heather. @BarryLovesBingo

Hi @BarryLovesBingo, I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick, Heather Graham is not dead. She’s trending because she was seen walking along the beach with Chris Martin. @NotHaroldBishop


Fond memories for BarryLovesBingo

Really? Well that’s a relief. And what a marvellous couple they will make, I’m a huge fan of Chris Martin, have all the Dire Straits on vinyl. @BarryLovesBingo

Hi @BarryLovesBingo, kindly f*ck off and get a clue. @NotHaroldBishop

Hi Heather I’ve sent you an email regarding casting for Coronation street. The shows producers are currently shopping around for my centennial shag and I have exhausted the current cast, I have put your name forward so I hope we can make this happen. @KenFromCorrie

Hi @KenFromCorrie I’m Heathers agent, you’ve put in your email that the role is for a ‘hot-blonde’ in her early 20’s, with ‘joyous tits’ and an ass hard enough to bounce a squash ball off. I’m not entirely sure this is the right opportunity for Heather at this time. @HeathersAgent


Heather, not quite right for Ken



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