Would you Wednesday – Madonna

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Madonna has caused a storm on social media today after ridiculing the Philippine flag by wearing it on stage during a concert. “She ridiculed our flag,” the official, Teodoro Atienza, told radio station dzBB, adding that Madonna violated a law that prohibits the wearing of the Philippine flag “in whole, or in part, as a costume or uniform”. Here is a round of some of the tweets centred around the fiasco.

I used to date Madonna before she was famous. She would insist that I call her Madge. Only every time I did I couldn’t help envisage Madge Bishop from Neighbours. Needless to say I couldn’t be having that kind of mental imagery in the bedroom and the relationship was short lived. @NotTheFaceNotTheFace


@notthefacenoththeface – ‘Madge & Harold, bit of a boner killer’

Come on people, I think we should concentrate on some real news. I mean Eddie Izzard is out there running for narcissism, shouldn’t he be getting more column inches than Madonna? @RealDealDanny

I overheard Madonna sh*t talk Lou Diamond Phillips to her bodyguard down the cereal aisle in Aldi yesterday. It’s clear to me she has some private vendetta against the Philippines. @RumourMilly

Hi @RumourMilly I’m curious to know what she said. @LouDiamondPhillips

Hi @LouDiamondPhillips, I’m not one to sh*t stir but she did say that your career has fallen off a cliff since Young Guns 2. I’ve just been through your IMDB and I hate to say, she has a point. @RumourMilly


Lou Diamond Phillips – ‘Can’t argue that’.

I once had my girlfriend pour hot candlewax on my nipples after seeing Madonna do it to William Dafoe in Body Of Evidence. Dafoe must have been acting his ass off because I screamed like a pussy and spent the night in A&E. @MissionaryMike

Thank you @MissionaryMike. I’m very fond of that performance during that scene in Body of Evidence. I even turned down the offer of having a stunt double in a bid to create some realism. My nipples still have mild tissue damage since filming that scene. @WilliamDafoe

Hi everyone I’m William Dafoe’s stunt double. William has used me in all films for all stunts and I can vouch that during this scene, and this scene only, he bravely put his nipples on the line for the sake of good cinema. Hero. @NotWilliamDafoe


Dafoe – Brave nipples

Personally I don’t think Madonna should be allowed into any country after she sung that Bond song Die Another Day. Well done Philippines, our reasons may differ, but it’s the end result that counts. @AndrewTheVirgin





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