Would You Wednesday – Morgan Lake

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British athlete Morgan Lake was trending on social media this week after a rather fetching picture of her was featured alongside her column in the Metro. She spoke of  her training in the build up for the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro this Summer. Here is a round up of just some of the tweets that were being posted.



I know this isn’t related to Morgan Lake, but I’ve just had an idea for Rio Ferdinand. A TV show called ‘The Road to Rio’. Depending on where he lives it could be a documentary on all the surrounding A roads that run to Rio Ferdinand’s house. Has anyone got the number of Rio’s agent? #MorganLake #WYW


Hi @ivegotabigone I’m Rio’s agent, I liked your idea but we are currently shooting ‘Qualifying for Rio’ a reality TV show where women have to redo their GCSE’s. The ones with the best grades get artificially inseminated with Rio’s seed. #Morgan Lake. #WYW


Thanks @riosagent I did have another idea called ‘The Build up to Rio’ where people that are really into lego can build a life size model of Rio Ferdinand. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. #MorganLake



Programme Name: BBC Sports Personality of the Year - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. Live Show) - Embargoed for publication until: 06/12/2012 - Picture Shows: Clare Balding - (C) BBC - Photographer: Ray Burmiston

The thought of Jessica Ennis Hill, Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Morgan Lake all lining up together is a mouth-watering prospect. Throw JET in the mix from Gladiators and I’ll never stop masturbating. #MorganLake #WYW


Hi Clare thanks for thinking of me, incidentally I’m trying to distance myself from the name JET now as it’s been over 20 years since I was on Gladiators. If you could refer to me in your masturbatory thoughts as Diane, I would very much appreciate it. #MorganLake #WYW


Picture by Julian Brown for The Bolton News 28/03/14 Diane Youdale, aka Jet from ITV’s Gladiators, pictured leading an exercise class at Horwich Leisure centre


Do you think that Morgan would be able to jump even higher if she wasn’t bagged down with the weight of that crop top and knickers? I mean its worth a try surely? #MorganLake #WYW




Hi @Morgan_a_Lake, l we’d like to have you audition for our pundit team here at the BBC for the Olympic Games, let me know if you plan on having any children in the next 30 years. #MorganLake #WYW


Ooops sorry @Morgan_a_Lake, I meant let me know if the punditry interests you. But also, let me know about the kids thing too. #MorganLake #WYW


Hi @Morgan_a_Lake, Just to confirm your audition for the punditry team will be based heavily on whether you answer the kids question correctly. Best of luck. #MorganLake #WYW








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