Would you Wednesday – Rhian Sugden

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Rhian back in touch with horny Vern

Vernon Kay yesterday revealed that his wife Tess Daly knew all about the texts he had sent to Rhian Sugden, the model he had been sending illicit texts to 6 years ago. He claimed that he was seeking closure on the ordeal that nearly ended his marriage and that his wife Tess was fully aware of the ‘inappropriate’ texts that had spilled into the media. We’ve pooled together some of the best of the tweets surrounding the event.

If I was Vernon Kay I would have changed my number by now. But then thinking about it, that would mean I wouldn’t be able to text Rhian Sugden pictures of my hairy nutsack anymore. Scrap that, as you were Vernon. @DishyDesLynam


Vernon takes a break from texting to be with Tess

It’s strange what can be deemed as ‘inappropriate’ these days. I doubt whether my wife would be best pleased with me sending a picture of my hairy nutsack to a blonde with a rack like that. @TheDelhiLama

Hi everyone I’m Vernon’s agent and I just want to clear one thing, that Vernon’s texts to Rhian in no way featured or alluded to his nutsack. What’s more Vernon takes great pride in the upkeep of his nutsack shaving it once every 3-4 days with a clipper. @VernonsAgent

Isn’t Rhian going out with that guy from Coronation Street? Maybe Vernon was just texting her to get the inside track on a storyline or something. Ah wait he’s not in Corrie anymore. He just wants to f*ck her then clearly. @TheRonaldKoeman

Ronald 'he's out of excuses'.

Ronald ‘he’s out of excuses’.

I always thought Kellogg’s are missing a trick by not having Vernon endorse Special K. The  play on his name Kay, with the letter K is an open goal I’d say. Mind you, that would mean getting rid of the shapely Special K girls. Scrap that, as you were Kellogg’s. @DishyDesLynam

I tuned into listen Vernon on Radio X this morning to see if he would lay these rumours to rest. Instead all he talked about was having a headache from eating too much chocolate at the weekend. Well Vernon, no one could ever accuse you of burying the lead could they you deflective little weasel. @ImPhilipSchofield




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