Would You Wednesday – The All Saints

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The All Saints are back! The Nineties girl group, comprising Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt and older Appleton sister Natalie, return this year to release EP One Strike, (premièred on the Chris Evans breakfast show) as well as fourth studio album Red Flag. Here’s twitters reaction to the news of the bands resurrection, and the news they were traumatised on Top of the Pops by being forced by the show producers to strip to the armpits.

I haven’t achieved an adamant erection since the All Saints split up 20 years ago. At first I thought it an unlikely coincidence but since news of their reunion my little willy has sprung into life like ET’s flowers. I’d very much celebrity scientist Professor Brian Cox to explain that one away. @RyanLetsSettleThis


Brian Cox – Not my area

Hi @RyanLetsSettleThis thanks for reaching out (pun intended). Unfortunately erectile dysfunction pertaining to girl bands from the 90’s isn’t really my area of expertise, maybe this curious case would be best handled by @Philippa_Forrester from Tomorrows World. @PrBrianCox

Hi @PrBrianCox I’d appreciate you not tagging me in this sort of crap. Not only was the program axed in 2003, but Tomorrow’s World was about new developments in science and technology, I fail to see how I would be able to cast any light on this. @Phillipa_Forrester


Philippa Forester refuses to take on the case

Didn’t Jimmy Savile interfere with some kids on Top of the Pops? Come on All Saints, there’s people out there worse off than you. @TheRonaldKoeman

Typical behaviour of misogynist male producers asking the girls to strip for better ratings. It just goes to show what a tough, male-dominated industry this can be for strong independent women. Still that being said, it’s a shame they didn’t get their kit off completely. @TheeClareBalding

Some say there was huge competition between the Spice Girls and All Saints. I was more of an Eternal man myself, that was until Redknapp smashed it. @NotRichardKeys


Eternal – Keys’ favourite


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