Would You Wednesday – Victoria Pendleton

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Olympic gold-medal winning cyclist Victoria Pendleton has been making tsunamis on the waves of social media this week by swapping one saddle for another – riding in one of jump racing’s biggest annual events, the Cheltenham Festival. We have pooled together some of the most controversial posts from non-verified accounts about the two time Olympic Medallist.

I remember when a Suffragette threw herself under a horse for women’s rights now they’re riding the bloody things. See give a rat a glass of milk and it will ask for a plate of cookies. @JohnMcCririck

I don’t get what all the fuss is about personally. When Daley Thomspson ran the 200m then moved over to the pole jump nobody lost their sh*t then did they? @JoeyLondonStyle

Personally I think this will be a stretch too far for Victoria to win this race. Although I must confess I don’t know anything about racing, cycling, or have a clue who Victoria Pendleton is. But we are all entitled to an opinion aren’t we. @CluelessMaudFromMoorgate

What with Pendleton racing horses and Trump running for President, surely we’re entering a time where the right qualifications for the job mean f*ck all. @ThatDapperChap

I never thought Victoria Pendleton lass was my type. That was until @SandiToksvig sent me a picture on What’s App of her naked on a bike.  If they made Face Off 2 I’d swap that saddle with my boatrace any day. @ClareBalding

Hi @SandiToksvig and @ClareBalding, I’d love to be added to your What’s App group. I’ve in-boxed you my number and a picture of my twot. @TheSamFox

Hi @TheSamFox, I’ve added you to our Whats App group but kindly only send us pics of your twot taken in your prime (1984 to 1988). I don’t know when that picture you sent us was taken, but it looked like a lorry had shed its load of jellied eels. @SandiToksvig

Samantha Fox L 12

Sam told to keep it timely.





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