Liverpool 1 – Saville 3 (Player Ratings)

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Liverpool 1 – Saville 3

Location: The Floods in St Ives

Just a very strange game of football where Liverpool looked like they had the measure of Saville when it settled down after 20 minutes. The mighty reds were physical, squeezed them like an Odd Job handshake, and had they had one of the penalty shouts go their way, would have been out of sight after 45.. But we ran out of puff in the second half long before we ran out of ideas. Here are the ratings with a look to the future.

Mignolet – Can’t really fault him for any of the goals. Makes a decent enough save in the second half but has no interest in coming for the ball. On the rare occasion he does it normally goes tits up. He’ll make a strong 2nd keeper next season, has had no competition all season. 5/10


Kolo – A legends performance, shame he went out on this. At one point I turned to my mate and asked ‘Why is Kolo the best player on the pitch‘. He put his balls in the blender for many last ditch tackles. I’d like for him to have one more season in a second string squad. With Sakho gone, Skrytle likely to be shipped, would be good to have him around. Although you’d perhaps pick Lucas ahead of him now. 8/10 (Man of the Match).

Clyne – Again, puts in a good shift gets forward. Looks out of tricks in the final 3rd. Had acres of space in the first half, did nothing in the second, like the rest. Just hope he survives the Euros without injury because our defence needs him. 7/10


Moreno – Not worthy of all the stick Carra and Lawro gave him. Carro tweeted something like ‘buy a fucking left back’. Thats cyber bullying in my book Carra, I ain’t in for that. You’re right, but ease off yeah. Moreno said he wouldn’t celebrate if he scored against his old club. In a UEFA Cup final? With Champions League Footy at stake? Actually I’ve changed my mind, as you were Carra. What a penis you are Moreno. For that alone you should be doing laps around Melwood with Enrique tomorrow. 2/10

Lovren – Scored a goal, unlucky that Danny Boy was caught fanning around in an off-side position. Scrapped well, got nutmegged for the second goal. But has generally improved massively as the season has gone on and is no longer doing double step overs half way up the pitch. 5/10


Can – Looked like they worked him out to be honest. Gave away the ball for the third, sloppy passes throughout. Even the hair looked a little off. But overall has shone this season, will be key for us next year alongside Hendo. Needs more goals in his game. Only one goal from midfield all season is pony. 4/10

Lallana – Ran around, loves running around. Looks like he got a right telling off from Klopp which must have hurt his feelings. Another one that’s had a goodish enough season. Like Hendo and Can, needs more goals in his game. 4/10

Milner – Went missing in the second half. In fact I forgot to include him in the ratings and had to double check the squad to see who I missed. Jimbo, had a good season lad, but you looked spent. Proper spent. 4/10.


Firmino – I think the lad is unlucky. First half he skins a guy in the box with a great touch and should have been a penalty. The lad knows what he’s doing. Had he skinned him and got a shot off we’d be calling him the next messiah. He showed no interest in tracking back in the 2nd half and fades massively in games. That’s a worry. Liverpool’s top goal scorer, need him to hang around. 6/10

Courtinho – Magic what happened? Where were you? Is something wrong, did someone upset you? You would tell me right? 1/10

Sturridge – That goal, that dance. Lets give this guy a song please Anfield. He did his bit, perhaps could have got onside for the Lovren goal. But arguably the keeper might have saved it had he not been there. Should have had another penalty, the lad has his hand down by his feet. That’s fu*king bananas that that wasn’t given. Anyway, stay fit in the summer Danny Boy, we love you. 7/10


In the pub

Best Mate Paul: Got two drinks in, never afraid to put his hand in his pocket is Paul. Loses points for not wanting to look at the team sheet when I asked, and always have the feeling that he never really wants Liverpool to win anything. But turned up at least and called out the Ref and those yellow socks. 6/10

Man in the field Mike Bush: Went missing really. Saw him at the bar, I mentioned that I interviewed Danny Boy in the week and then he attempted to one-up me immediately with a Dalglish selfie. Didn’t even ask about the interview. However stopped for a couple of chats on the way to the toilet and could play a key part in potential podcasts next season. 4/10

Barman: Didn’t have any of the ales on as he mentioned he broke the key in the cellar door and can’t get in to change the barrels. I believed him, however Paul called Bullsh*t and said he needs to pay his bills. Was on his own all night with no support. 6/10





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