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Hello everyone. I’m sharing some photos taken on my Nikon D300 and D3500. I have compressed the images for upload speed. If you would like to use them please message me and I will send you the larger files if not for commercial use.

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You can shop the D3500 camera on Amazon. I would recommend this camera and you can buy it here. Pretty much every image that looks half decent on this blog I’ve taken on a Nikon or my girlfriend has. It’s a great camera for travel and the price can’t be beat for 329 GBP.*

ostrich on safari

More about Addo Park

I have written extensively about this Safari (Addo Park in South Africa) on the Carl Thompson blog which you can find here.

dung beetle

Bond on Safari

You’ll also find a short story to a James Bond fan fiction blog I wrote called 007 in South Africa. You can find a link to that blog here.

elephant road block

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If you click on any image it will take you to my personal Instagram page. My next trip will be to Goldeneye in Jamaica so stay tuned for that one!

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Disclaimer: If you buy a camera through the affiliate link I will make a commission.

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