Instagrammable Stairs

Stairwell at Mocaa

20 Photos that tells the Story of Cape Town – sounds a bit click-baity doesn’t it. Well, what I meant to say is photos that sum it up for me. FOR ME, for me personally. (Said in a Bill Burr camp-tone).


Lighthouse Capetown Roman Rock

Keep a light on for me

I love the lighthouses around Cape Town. This one is found in Simon’s Town. Unmanned but every evening someone sails out to turn the light on, every morning someone sails out to turn it off.


Foreshore Bridge Capetown

As seen in the movie Taxi

Started work over 40 years ago. The workers packed up in 1977 and it sits unfinished in the heart of the city. I can see it from my hotel window, it’s mad. Many rumours why this is unfinished. Official verdict: the city ran out of cash.

Our tour guide informed us that it was a disgruntled shop owner that didn’t want to sell his property to make way for development. This is confirmed by WIKI and by our tour guide.


Nikon d3500

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The majority of these photos were taken on a NIKON D3500 with an 18-135 lens. They’ve all been compressed to help load speed and none have been edited.

I’ve found it a great camera for beginners and ideal for travel. Currently priced at 329 GBP. Click on any image to find out more information on Amazon.*


Towers of Cape Town

Need to know the names of these towers please

These towers are found at the foot of Table Mountain. Now I’m going to open this up to the readers and please leave a comment below if you have any intel. I heard that these towers only exist because of a loophole the developers discovered.

The people of Cape Town call this architectural terrorism, because for many residents it blocks or disturbs the view of Table Mountain. (Information ascertained from my Topless City Bus Tour).


Cape of Good Hope Beach

Nature at its best

Just gorgeous views. Unspoiled. We didn’t go down to the beach but ventured up to the lighthouse (another one) and from their you have a truly stunning panoramic view of the Cape.


Cape Town Cars

Taxi – The Copacabana

I have a thing for beat up classic cars. Some classic cars in Cape Town (and indeed all over South Africa) are in decent nick.

I asked my tour guide how come we have a mish-mash of new and old cars in the city. His answer was that the sea air will rust many cars quickly, so they don’t bother investing in new cars if they can afford it.


Dassies of Cape Town

Looks nothing like an Elephant though

Never heard of these things before visiting Cape Town. The closest living relative to the Elephant apparently. You can see them up Table Mountain (although we saw none). This photo was taken at Boulders Rock in Simon’s Town where we saw all the penguins.


Glasses Monument Cape Town

Glasses Monument

If you’re an Instagrammer or a CEO of a glasses company then getting a shot of the giant steel sunglasses is a neat idea.

I’ve quickly Googled these and they were the last monument dedicated to Nelson Mandela back in 2012. Deemed as controversial for being overtly consumerist. Still, something different.


Cape Town Street photography

Power to the people

Great service, great hospitality. They’re in a jubilant mood here as I’ve snapped these ladies on the day South Africa won the Rugby World Cup. A real heartbreak for English fans, but I couldn’t help but share their joy here.


Heatherwick The Silo Cape Town

Designed by Heatherwick Studios

This is the most expensive hotel in Cape Town. And upon doing further research was designed by the people at Heatherwick Studios.

The team behind The Vessel in New York and the Kissing Buildings of Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross. (I was there for that unveiling). This hotel can be found in the Cape Town Waterfront and is worth visiting even if you’re not staying.


Table Mountain Hiking Trail

Before the clouds drew in

Sadly I have no views from the top of Table Mountain as it was cloudy the day we went up. You can get the cable car to the top or enjoy a 2 hour hike to the summit. (We did it in 1 hour 20 mins, although even at a medium pace you’ll get a sweat on).

The most popular route is Platteklip Gorge, which is the one we took. From the centre of Cape Town you’ll look to pay 150,000 RAND in an uber to the foot of the gorge. (7-8 GBP).


Cape Town Lighthouse

Oldest Lighthouse in Cape Town?

I was told this is the oldest Lighthouse in all of Cape Town. Can anyone confirm in the comments below if that is true? There has been 2,000 plus shipwrecks along the 3,925km stretch of South Africa.

That’s insane right? This geezer called Harry Claude Lee Cooper was sent in to sort out the mess back in 1902, built shed-loads of Lighthouses. Boom. No more shipwrecks.


Zeitz Museeum Art in Cape Town

This guy is electric

This gentleman gave a free tour of the Modern Art exhibition in the Zeitz Museum. Current exhibition is the William Kentridge; WHY SHOULD I HESITATE.

I was indifferent to the exhibition, but there are certainly some decent takeaways. Check out my personal Instagram post to see my favourite painting.


Mocaa inside Cape Town

Bond Villain Lair?

This building is truly stunning. Composed of forty-two 33 metre high concrete tubes, each with a diameter of 5.5 metres. I will probably do a separate post on this building so won’t go too much into it here.

It’s for non-profit so make sure you pay a visit and support the local arts and infrastructure when you visit Cape Town.


Penguins on beach in South Africa

Ain’t no party like a penguin party

These guys have the life of riley. I will recommend a tour for you guys, Cape Convoy tours. Our tour guide Ady took us down to the Penguin Reserve that is protected. There you can see all these beautiful African penguins sunning themselves without a care in the world.

Don’t feed them, they bite and their bills are sharp. I don’t know why they’d be so anti-human, we’re saving their asses.


Red Radisson Cape Town

Red all over

I’m recommending the Red Radisson because I liked the interiors. If you can’t afford The Silo hotel on The Waterfront then this is a more accessibly priced alternative at 5,370.30 RAND for two nights.

You do get brekkie thrown in and they gave us a free bottle of wine (that we didn’t drink).


Boat rides in Cape Town

Spectre has fallen on hard times

Ok I couldn’t resist this one. Anyone following my From Tailors With Love instagram account will have seen me post a story about this mythical Spectre Boat ride.

I asked one of the sales team about the etymology of the name for the ride and he simply said, ‘the boss named it’. If the boss is out there and would like to comment please drop me a line I’d love to know.


Man carrying South Africa Flag on motorbike

Sports mad, thankfully

In South Africa you have a sports channel that plays all 380 Premier League games. Every bar and restaurant that I went into played the games and this was just an unexpected joy.

Ok so I took the photo above of a guy celebrating the Rugby World Cup win, but soccer is revered here.

Plus it makes sense. Cape Town is only 1-2 hours ahead of the UK depending on Daylight Saving Times. So they get to watch the games at sociable hours.


Sharks Cape Town Surfers on a beach

Sharks? Mehh.

I took this photo down at Muizenberg, Cape Town. The water on the surf is cold, everyone wears wetsuits. There are people on shark patrol and you do get Great White sharks off the shores in Cape Town.

Muizenberg is the best spot for surfing and very popular amongst locals who still surf, despite there being a flag hoist above the beach signifying that a shark has just been spotted.

I asked the tour guide Ady how many shark attacks had happened in the last five years. He said five, 2 of them fatal. You also get Bull Sharks in these waters. Good luck guys.


Table Top Mountain view from Westin Hotel

What a view….

So I’m staying here for the week, in fact I’ve just taken this picture (above) and that’s the view from the breakfast bar where I’m currently writing this blog.

The service is fantastic, the food is endless and the views are glorious.


Food in Cape Town

Who hates taking photos of their food? Hands up.

Christ the food is good out here. You’d also stand no chance being a Vegan out here. The Ostrich, the Eland, the beef, it’s all amazing and I’m now going to have to hit the gym every day to work this off.

The best meal we had was down the Cape Point Vineyards. The Sirloin of Beef was incredible, better than this photo. I hate taking photos of food so excuse that.

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