street style London

Here are 20 street style photos shot around London and Budapest. Most have been taken on my new Nikon D3500 which has a 18-55 lens, much smaller than the Nikon D300 which had a 18-200 lens.

Meaning these photos are harder to take as I’m a lot closer to the subject.

To capture these images (all strangers, apart form one) I’m doing my Columbo technique. I see my subject, I pretend to look angry at the camera and shoot a picture on the floor. Inspect the shot, then quickly take one of the subject coming towards me. Then I look at the shot and scratch my head, perplexed.

To the naked eye this looks like I’m trying to establish some settings on my camera and haven’t got the foggiest. Which is semi-true.

Hawaii shirt street photography

If you click on any photo it will take you to my Nikon Street Style instagram page. That page is back up and running again after a lengthy delay. The Nikon D300 needs a service. Might not be salvageable.

street style afro London

The photos I edit in Lightroom. Nothing special, I use the presets mainly. If I don’t think the photo is strong enough I put it in black and white to give it a more classic look. Does it work?

I rarely take photos of women as I don’t want them to feel self-conscious.

Black and white street style Matt Jones Hemingsworth

Above is the only photo which contains a subject I know. Matt Jones, founder of Hemingsworth. We met for a coffee in Shoreditch. Although I didn’t realise it was him until after I took the photo. I recognised his style first.

gentleman great jacket

As always I have compressed the images for the purpose of site load speed. Should you require any high res imagery please contact me through the disclaimer page.

2-piece grey suit street style

Street photography is just a hobby, perhaps one of my favourites.

black buttons white shirt asian street style dip dye shirt check shirt male stripe shirt male tattoo transgender black and white street style London man couple wearing hats levis tee male street style female shave head street style prodigy tee street style out there clothing street style great trousers street style

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