Gliding through life isn’t easy for a man of the 21st century as there are so many things you need to know and a number of tricky situations you have to handle on a daily basis. That’s why you need to be prepared for whatever life throws at you and overcome all obstacles. Here are five important life hacks every man should master if he wants to win every single day.

Get a Proper Shave


Going to the barber’s and getting a professional shave is amazing, but that’s not something you can do all the time. And if you have to shave morning after morning, there’s nobody else to rely on but yourself. The problem with razors today is that there are too many choices and you can’t be sure what will work for you. Everyone has a different skin type and not every man can use all razors, so you need to find the one that suits you the most. Once you do, all that’s left is to decide whether you want to shave your face or grow facial hair.

Cook a healthy meal 


Going to restaurants and sticking to your partner’s cooking is quite all right, but what if your partner is out of town and you’re out of money? Eating processed or canned food is never fun and you have to master a few cooking techniques that will prevent you from starving ever again. There are tons of ways to learn how to cook – from cooking books and TV shows to picking up your mum’s tricks – and you don’t have to become a professional: mastering three or four healthy and nutritious meals will suffice. Once you get into it, upgrading your knowledge is easy and you’ll become a regular Jamie Oliver in no time!

Fix your car 


Owning a car is easy, but maintaining it is harder than you think. Unfortunately, no matter how old your car is, you can never know when something’s about to go wrong – ending up on a street with a broken car is a fear men face every day. Luckily, there’s always a way to make things right if you have someone to call. A resourceful friend or a reliable cousin can pick you up, help you change the tire or fix your car. Contacting a trustworthy and experienced mobile mechanic might be an even better solution and these are the people you want on your speed dial should something go wrong.

Be a good listener 


Men have always been known for being notoriously bad at listening to other people, and while there’s some truth in that, it doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Being a good listener is a skill not all of us can excel at, but we can try to be more patient and understanding when other people are confiding. You have to pay attention to someone’s eyes, try to read their body language, focus on what they’re saying, cause no distractions and, finally, engage someone in more conversation if needed. This way, you’ll create a safe environment for people who will confide and make you the person they can trust the most.

Protect yourself 


Now, we know how awful violence is and advise you to stay as far away from it as you can, but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. Becoming a part of a bar fight is something men experience unwillingly, yet a nasty situation can arise in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, you have to know how to protect yourself if someone attacks you in a dark alley. When fleeing the scene isn’t an option, you’d better be ready, despite your wish not to get physical. If you simply have to do so, remember the first rule of fist fighting – clenched fists and straight wrists. This way, you’ll be able to defend yourself instead of hurting your hands. Finally, keep in mind that you only need to escape the immediate danger and then try to evade further confrontation by talking some sense into your attacker.

Other hacks Some of the other helpful hacks all men should master are building a campfire, choosing the perfect steak, fixing a leak and opening a beer with a lighter, knife, fork and basically everything else but teeth!


Article by Peter Minkoff, Twitter @MinkoffPeter



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