DATE – Mid December 2020

88 Grove Park Terrace bought for 635k in Mid December 2020.

The property is 878 sq. ft. We did a 3D scan shortly after and got floor plans.

The 3D scan became immediately useful to Rita our property developer who asked what kind of boiler we had and whether or not we had skirting. Both were evident in the scan.

Initial plans are to rip out mini-kitchen. Install second bathroom. Insert bedroom in end room nearest garden. Very convenient if I need to pee in the night I can go in the garden.

Plans to install garden office at end of garden for podcast studio. Need to install catflap. One with a chip recogniser. Don’t want any Tom Dick or Harry Cat coming in.

Plans to extend conservatory to accommodate furniture. I got to quote Tyler Durden to Anastasia by saying the things you own, end up owning you. 

Plans to install bidet hose downstairs but with adjustable temperature.

Will rip up floor and put underfloor heating.

Downstairs spare room. Will be guest bedroom.

Other tiny room will be walk in wardrobe.