In this quick article I’m going to post some images from the exhibition A Peculiar Paradise: Florida photos by Nathan Benn, currently on display at the Miami History Museum.

These are just photos of photos taken on my iPhone. (taken with permission). Please excuse the crudity.

The one below is my favourite because it would have been my Dad’s favourite.


The missus below. We rarely keep together in museums. We both wonder off and find each other at the exit.

I think I’m more into the photography exhibitions than her. However, I doubt I would have found a love for museums at all had it not been for her.

Fontainebleau Hotel

The one below is just beautiful. The cadillac reminds me of the movie Casino. The windowpane suit, oversized, just gorgeous. Is it morning light or sunset? What are the women discussing?

Dundee’s 5th Street Gym

Nathan Benn took many photos in this iconic gym.

The Staff Pick

I asked the lady on hand if it was ok to take photos. She said of course.

I asked her for her favourite photo and she picked out the one below. These are two sugar cane cutters. Working for tuppence. But look how amazingly dressed they are!

The double hat was a trend back in the day and their style is exemplary, And they know it.

Live in Miami?

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You can check out the YouTube video below for a look inside the Hemingway House and Museum.

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