A Day Out in Colchester

The other week the missus and I ventured down to Colchester for my cousins 50th. A wonderful bash it was too.

Whilst there we frequented the Colchester Castle. Which was built on the foundations of the earlier Roman temple of Claudius (built between AD 54–60).

Apparently the oldest wall in all of Europe is Colchester, but we couldn’t find it. We ended up in a multi storey car park cursing Google maps and the crap English weather.


Guided Tour 

On a guided tour we got shown the foundations of the earlier temple. After we visited the roof and got some great panoramic views of the city.

Above you’ll see the spire to the Colchester Town hall. This spire sadly aided the Nazi’s on their flight over during the blitz. The guide informed us this was their aerial landmark used to gauge their distance from East London. Good for Colchester, bad for London.


Flatford Mill

After that we drove down to Flatford Mill in East Bergholt which is about a 20 minute drive from Colchester City Centre. There you’ll find some beautiful country paths and fields to roam through.

The mill itself is closed to the general public. We are members of National Trust so we got to park for free and hold our noses up and act posher than usual.


John Constable

Flatford was of course the muse for one of the greatest British landscape painters of our time, John Constable. There is a mini gallery you can see just as you enter the hamlet.

You can explore the countryside on one of the circular walks or hire a boat to row along the river stour. We did neither. But we did put some money in the local economy by purchasing 6 jars of National Trust jam.


I do hope you enjoyed the blog. If you have any National Trust recommendations please do leave a comment below. Click on any image to follow me on Instagram.

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