Adam Carolla Live 2015

The Ace Man cometh. The comedic trailblazer and host of America’s number one podcast is coming to London for a special one off show at the Leicester Square Theatre. Due to the international success of the Adam Carolla Show, the show will be stopping off at Amsterdam and Dublin before it reaches London on the 29th June. I’ve listened to his podcast for nearly 7 years now, and it’s gotten me through many a mundane day in the factory. In a way I owe a thin slice of my sanity to Adam Carolla for keeping me company all those years. Although sometimes I do feel like those years in the factory have taken their toll, like Alcatraz did to Kevin Bacon in that movie Murder in the First. Remember when he gets out of solitary confinement and asks the guards, ‘I made it! I’m not too crazy am I? How do I look?’  

It was a great privilege to talk to the Ace Man, poor guy I had him on the phone for 25 minutes before he managed to shrug me off. Here’s the interview below.

So this is your second time touring London?

I came to London last year and it was a really good gig the further you can get away from LA the better the gig and London is as about as far away as it gets. To be fair, travelling to Seattle to Portland, Vancouver, even Orange County I don’t want to bore you with the topology but generally, even if you make it out to Orange County the crowds are better. LA itself is quite hard. 

Have you got any other activities planned for when you’re here? 

I’ve tied the tour into the Goodwood Festival, there is a Paul Newman race car that’s in England, I purchased some months ago and I am going to drive it at the Goodwood hill climb. When I travel around for these motor sport events I usually puts a show on, it offsets the cost of the event and the shows are fun. The fans from the UK and the ones that travel from other parts of Europe; Israel, Holland, Germany they make it so fun. Generally I find the international crowd a little bit smarter and more enthusiastic than LA.

I know you’re not into soccer, can you open up your heart to Cricket or Snooker? 

I think probably, your cultures love of giant breasts, I don’t know if that is a sport you have Page 6 girl over there?  

We have the Page 3. 

You see I doubled them to try to enlarge them.  Over here we like waif models or chicks with huge arses. You guys are tit men, its something we can both agree on. People call bowling a sport, or golfing, boob gazing should be one. 

Just a quick word about the Paul Newman doc you did, Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman – Newman says he never had much grace in anything except racing, what do you have grace in? 

I’m not sure how you define the word grace, I’m probably gifted or have a good aptitude for writing, for improvisation for comedy and building, engineering and problem solving. The driving I like but wouldst say I’m  gifted. I gravitate toward it, I enjoy it. I have some skills that make me better at it, but I’ve not been touched by the hand of god. 


What is it about racing that lures you and lured Newman?

I like the equipment first and foremost I like the mechanicals, the aesthetics of the race cars, the engineering – I like standing there and looking at them, wrenching them as much as I like driving them. I get the new Newman car because I love the car. I take a certain amount of pride in operating it, I feel it would be weird to own it and not operate it. the form versus function beauty of it. Newman wasn’t a car guy in that sense, he liked racing I’m more of a car guy that races. 

Did Newman himself have a collection? 

He didn’t have much of a collection per say. He was a bit more of a purist from a racing stand point. I race them because they are parked in my shop and when people ask “have you driven this” I don’t want to say no. He didn’t really own any, this car, the one I’m racing is one that he owned. He physically bought it after the racing season, there was very few that he owned. 

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