Alexandra Elizabeth Parker artist display

Who is Alexandra Elizabeth Parker?

Alexandra Elizabeth Parker is an international artist who is making huge waves with her modernist and evocative interpretations of the world around us through the medium of neon-luminescence, brash textures and unexpected proportions.

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Hello and welcome Alexandra Elizabeth Parker. Firstly, please tell us about the Unknown Solo exhibition you curated, what was the reaction like and did you manage to enjoy it?

Well It was my first solo show and I honestly never expected to be in that position so suddenly. To have that opportunity.

I knew art would be in my life eventually but I did one painting and people kept telling me to do more and more!

Then I got a call one day to give me the chance to have my own solo show! I got to spend an intimate time with all my good friends and share the art that I had slaved over for late nights to make it happen. In one months notice!

The reaction was stunning everyone loved it! I can’t wait to show more and collaborate with my sister on more jacket designs that we incorporated into this show, in the very near future!

Alexandra Elizabeth Parker art show

The best thing about being an independent artist and what got you started? 

Since I was in elementary school I was always into art. I remember two years in a row I won artist of the year and I had a few art class haters.

Lol! I always knew I was going to be an artist. But modelling kind of got in the way of that. Now I feel like I can balance both because art and fashion do go hand in hand!

Do you consider yourself an artist first and a model second? 

I used to consider myself just a model but that’s because I never explored the art field. I had never shared my art with the world.

Now I realise that you can do everything and anything you set your mind to. You don’t have to be one or the other you can be both and everything at the same time!

Alexandra Elizabeth Parker in underwear shoot

How often do you get asked out on Social Media and real life? 

Well social media is one thing. I usually ignore those. Even though I love technology and the internet I still appreciate the beauty of living in the moment and meeting someone in real life.

It’s strange to say but I feel like every guy I’ve met has asked me out at some point tsk tsk.

Your work out routine and motivation? 

My #1 motivation in the gym is blasting trap/dubstep music in my headphones. I know my poor ears. But if you have the right kind of music playing it can give you all the mental energy you need! No pre-workout needed.

I usually start off with 500 calories on the treadmill running at 7mph for about 45 min. Then I do a routine of Pilates exercises with weights. I might do another 10 or 15 minutes of cardio at the end if I’m feeling extra pumped!

Alexandra Elizabeth Parker smiling portrait

Favourite Cocktail?

I’ve realised my favourite cocktail changes probably every 6 months. First it was a mojito then a lychee martini now I’m definitely going through a Moscow mule phase!

Your favourite James Bond film and why?

I never picked a favourite James Bond movie but I always had a keen appreciation for the series. My mom was extra obsessed with them so I guess I kind of always viewed it as a grown up thing and let my mom gush over him!

Your party trick?  

Drinking sparkling water with lime! No one will bother you about getting you a drink and the placebo affect will make you feel like you’re getting a little tipsy! I’ve danced my butt off on this stuff!

Ever been in a fight?

I’ve never started a fight but I have finished them!

Alexandra Elizabeth Parker model holding balloons

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