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Being a six-foot leggy blonde myself I wanted to know what … wait, sorry let me start over.

As someone that admires fine craftsmanship, I was keen to learn a bit more about Alice Sherman, her fitness, her skincare routine and her attitude towards social media.


First off, if you could tell me a little about yourself, how you got started in modelling?

Modelling follows me all my life. I was 15 when first scouted by modelling agency. But it wasn’t enough time I went to work after UNIVERSITY and never considered modelling as a serious job to be honest.

I attended shootings and catwalks but only when I had time and as a hobby. Which was quite good and even get me into National beauty competition in Russia.

Here in London it turned into full time occupation. I took part in Top Model UK 2017, LFW 17, LFW 18.

Plus I got an acting experience with superstar Emilia Clarke in the latest Star Wars! It was amazing time on set with a legendary artists directed by Oscar winning Ron Howard.

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What sort or routines do you have with regards to skin care?

How strict are you with these routines?

I am a skin perfectionist always looking for ideal product and trying something new.

I have a lot of experience.

And my friends know whom to ask about this or that.

Exfoliation and masks, vitamin C and SPF are my every day routine.

How much time do you dedicate to fitness?

Are you a gym bunny and what advice would you give to other women that crave a body like yours?

I am not sport addicted at all! I must push myself!

Even to the easiest workout. But struggle is over now.

A year ago I found fitness I really like and enjoy.

For me dancing classes are full benefits:  it’s cardio, muscle training, pleasure and fun, and amazing shape.

How important is nutrition to your lifestyle? Do you plan your meals in advance? What would a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner look like at the Alice Sherman house?

It is VERY important! I am very lucky with my body as it’s genetically slim and strong. But it doesn’t mean I can relax and eat everything I see.

I read a few interesting books about our system how it works which gave me deep understanding how to  plan meals according to my body type and Ayurveda.

Ideally I would love to study medicine and become and doctor! But this is another question, so in general I stick with the scheme: carbs for breakfast, proteins for Lunch and fruits for dinner.

Alice sherman model UK

How do you describe your personal style? Do you have any regular brands/stores that you shop at?

Oh, this personal style! I have a feeling I don’t have it at all, because I wear according to my mood which changes hundred times a day but in general it’s a character.

I like sexy style, no matter how it achieved – dress and high heels, leather leggings and lace, sport set and trainers, even baggy sweater could be sexy showing of a shoulder.

Fashion is getting more and more powerful and I can find it everywhere. I like Australian designers, they are on one step ahead now.

alice sherman anna G portrait shot

How much of your wardrobe is sourced online versus shopping on the high street?

Difficult question. My wardrobe is a collection of precious pieces, I picked them from high streets all over the world.

Online shopping is nice and easy with acknowledged brands.

What is your favourite part of London to go shopping for clothes?


How much time do you spend on Social Media and do you feel like Instagram has reached a saturation point with influencers?

I think some pages on Instagram are just copying each other and call themselves influencers which becomes boring.

In my opinion, they all have same wardrobes and using same filters, someone may call it fashion. I follow very few influencers.

Most profiles I follow are about attitude and authenticity, sometimes I can spend more then an hour observing someone’s page. 

Lastly Alice Sherman, is Instagram the best platform for you to engage with your fans and what how many times do you get asked out online versus real life?

I stay in touch with my followers every day. I know my audience, how they react. We are very close and some became friends in real life. I try to post or share a story every day.

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