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Who is Aline Castilia? 

Model? Actress? With an aerial grace and an unbroken beauty, she’s turning heads on social media whilst remaining largely in part, something of an enigma. Introducing, Aline Castilia.

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So Aline Castilia, let’s start. What is your favourite part of London?

It is difficult to answer this question. I equally like both  West and East parts of London.

For me it is better to live in Chelsea, it’s more calm and  I love this atmosphere of bohemian classics.

East London is a creative part of London , when you’re there you filled with new ideas and inspiration.

How many languages do you speak?

I know very well English, French, Russian, study Old Slavonic and Italian. 5 in total !

The secret of your success?

I think it’s very important to surround yourself only with people who will pull you up, who respects your goals, who inspires you.

Your favourite language or accent?

Love Italian, arabic.

Favourite James Bond?

I love the series of films with Daniel Craig. I think his psychological type and appearance are suited for this role.

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In which building would you like to be trapped, Tate Modern or National Gallery?

I’m not a fan of modern art. So, I prefer National Gallery, especially art of 18th and early 19th century.

Your party trick?

I am a perfectionist, so I like to  visit beautiful places.

No, it is not necessarily that everything inside should be made of gold, but I like unusual style, originality.

To be honest I’m not a party girl, if I want to go to the party I would rather prefer to more communicate with interesting people.

Best chat up line you’ve heard?

Ahaha, it was in Paris! One man saw me from the window of his house, and jumped from the 2nd floor to get to know me.

I was scared of the crash of his landing, but it was very funny! I think he is a fun of “Spider man”.

Ever been in a fight?

Non, I’m a lady! I suppose that intelligent  people should resolve all their problems without war. We all have to be able to find a compromise in any situation.


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