Do Polish Girls do it Better? – The Top 6 Polish Models to Follow on Instagram


My Polish husband gave me something long and hard on our wedding night, do you know what it was?’ [from the audience.. ‘a last name‘] ‘Oh you’ve heard that one huh‘. Sally Field, Punchline.

Do the polish girls do it best? I suppose that depends on what they are doing? If you’re referring to selfies, fitness and cheek bones then they’re really the team to beat. If you’re talking about speaking a dozen languages and winning every argument, again they’ve got your number. If you’re talking about reciting the entire Christopher Walken watch monologue from Pulp Fiction then that I’d like to see. Anyway, I digress. Here with their consent and in no discernible order, are the top 6 Polish girls to follow on Instagram.



Our Paula has recently turned 21. (‘Our Paula‘ jeez pedro when did your inner voice turn into Cilla Black?). She’s undoubtedly a fashion lover and has a deluge of mirror selfies on her profile. And can you blame her? If I looked like that I’d never leave my own reflection.


Amelia Roman


I don’t know if I’m allowed personal favourites but I just love Amelia’s story. When she agreed to be featured, I prompted her to say a couple of words about herself. Her story was an unexpected discovery, like finding a tenner in an old pair of jeans. A gem had washed up in my inbox. (That’s not to say for a minute I’m likening Amelia to an old pair of jeans and she is certainly anything but, washed up). Here in her own words..

I was in Bahamas and for the first time I tried wakeboard and him the boat just pull me too hard and I break my spine and then I couldn’t walk I had surgery and you see my x-ray how it looks like now. But I’m stronger than ever I’m back on the runway. Yes and my accident was on January this year and I start learning how to walk on my 21st birthday which was 30th of January.




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Kasia is 20, loves traveling, is an Insta blogger, (which is I’m guessing blogging without needing to write? Boy am I in the wrong gig) and she is a self-confessed dreamer. She reminds me of a young Jane Seymour, you could just picture her in that high priestess outfit from Live and Let Die.  (see below)


Just a thing of note, Jane Seymour was cast as Solitaire in Live and Let Die when she was only 20. Ol’ Roger was 44 when he played Bond. So Kasia you could certainly be in the running to play the next Bond girl, Danny Boy would be close to 50 but that’s entirely doable in my book… right, now where was I?


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Ewelina Woźniak


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Ewelina is a Foodlover, a self confessed fashion addict and clearly looks after her skin. After all it is the biggest organ in your body. Or on your body. Which is it? Christ now I have to look that up…..ok I’m back. Here’s what the internet says. Your epidermis is the top part of your skin, and your skin is your body’s largest and fastest-growing organ. Skin is your body’s coat. It protects you.

No one, but no one, can accuse me of not doing my research. Now what was I talking about?

Sandra Dominiuk13320624_582569415245147_2576933875163030401_o

I should really have Sandra in the top 5 girls who put guys to shame category. After all she could probably do most of my mates in an arm wrestle and I bet she has one hell of an uppercut. An inspiring profile for both men and women alike.


Dominika Kalinowska


Dominika Kalinowska has an awesome page. With a plethora of gym pictures it’s a stark reminder that you don’t get the ultimate bikini body, without burning the calories. Looking at her page of gym shots, and fruit salad breakfasts, doesn’t half make me feel guilty about drinking Jameson’s at 1.30 in the afternoon. Only half though.



Ania Wendzikowska


Ania looks like she has the dream gig of interviewing all the film stars. She’s a TV journalist and I’m guessing she doesn’t have a piano in her gaff just for show. If she did that would be just ridiculous. A big bundle of talent by all accounts.


Marta Kocinska


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And lastly but not leastly, Marta Kocinska. Marta’s diminutive, demure, sassy, inviting, hasn’t gone crazy with the tattoo’s or the eyebrows. I almost want to say girl next door, but I’d probably need to emigrate to Poland for that to be true.

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