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It was said of the great Jorge Selaron, Brazilian painter ceramist and creator of the eponymously named Escadaria Selarón in Brazil, that once he had finished inserting the last tile into his decorous stairwell, upon that stairwell he will lay himself to rest. He was a man of his word. This is the exact philosophy I take into my ‘models to follow on instagram’ listicles. I mentioned this to my missus. “I will not rest until I’ve promoted every model in every country on my site. It’s not enough that these ladies have beat the house in Gods casino, that they put the glitter in every mans eye, they need me to promote them. It’s my calling don’t you understand woman?

This is the worst calling in the history of callings,‘ she replied.

Here for your entertainment, in no discernible order, are the top 9 Indian Models to follow on Instagram.


Sabina featured in Indian Models wearing a pink crop top and sari

Sabby Jey is a model and Kollywood Debut Actress. Follow her on Snapchat at Sabbyjeyxx. Twitter and Facebook.

FACT: Tamil cinema is the Tamil language film industry based in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is a part of the cinema of India. It’s centrality to the Kodambakkam neighbourhood of Chennai has led to the industry’s nickname Kollywood, the term being a portmanteau of the words Kodambakkam and Hollywood.


Prianca an Indian Model wearing a figure hugging blue dress

Prianca is an Indian/Australian. Her hobbies are makeup, fashion and all things feminine (lipstick emoji, dress and high heel emoji). She is engaged by the looks of things but if you would like to enquire about bookings for promotions then you can email her here.

FACT: The Indian climate is strongly influenced by the Himalayas and the Thar Desert, both of which drive the economically and culturally pivotal summer and winter monsoons.


This Girl Traveller in a beige figure hugging lace dress in an open road

My name is Ritika Chauhan, I’m from India and as you may have noticed I do travel a lot! By exploring new places, meeting new people, trying different cuisines, I’ve learnt to appreciate better, the art and beauty that lies in them. It definitely gave me a lot of exposure and I hope it continues to do so. I learn so much more every time I travel.

FACT: Life expectancy in India is at 68 years with life expectancy for women being 69.6 years and for men being 67.3.

Nausheen in a floral dress with long hair

Nausheen Ahmed is a makeup artist/model/actor/fitness enthusiast and of course a NPC Bikini Athlete based in LA. For a collaboration you should email her here. 

FACT: The Taj Mahal, built in Agra between 1631 and 1648 by orders of Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, has been described in the UNESCO World Heritage List as “the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage”

Shruit Viswan leaning on a fence in her underwear

Check out the exclusive interview with Cover girl for Indian Models, Shruti Viswan.

‘I am gender fluid and I associate myself as the two facets of being both feminine and masculine, which is why I have an undercut. I am a passionate being with big ideas and small pleasures.‘ Shruti. For more details on Shruti follow her here on Facebook, Tumblr or contact her here for collaborations.

FACT: The first Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix featured in late 2011 but has been discontinued from the F1 season calendar since 2014.

Twinkle Gupta in a psychedelic dress in the street

Twinkle Gupta is London based and available for collaborations here

FACT: India contains 172 IUCN-designated threatened animal species, or 2.9% of endangered forms. These include the Asiatic lion, the Bengal tiger, the snow leopard and the Indian white-rumped vulture, which, by ingesting the carrion of diclofenac-laced cattle, nearly became extinct.

This article on Indian Models has gotten close to 2000 views as of May 2018. Did I miss someone out? Drop me a comment in the box below if you know an Indian Model that should have made the list.

Wordpress screen shot of statistics for indian models

Did I miss someone out?

Indian Model Narmada by the sea

Narmada is a Cambridge graduate frenchgirl with a Bollywood touch. Like many Indian models she is looking for artistic inspirations and a good laugh. Currently residing in Paris. Do check her website out here.

I’m Miss India France 2016 and reached top five miss India worldwide 2017. I am a model and have been walking for European designers as well as Indian designer such as Rockystar.
I have made my debut in the movie industry. coming up in 2017 “valerian and the thousands of planets” a 150M dollars movie produced by Luc Besson I will make an apparition but I have the intentions to make it to the Indian movie market since dancing is one of my other passion.Narmada.
FACT: Mango is the national fruit of India. Described as the “Food of the Gods”, in the sacred Vedas, the fruit is grown almost in all parts of India.


rachna lying on her back with red lipstick

‘Hate it or love it, the underdog’s on top’. Rachna.

FACT: The Nobel Peace Prize was withdrawn in 1948. It was supposed to go to Mahatma Gandhi but his assassination resulted in the title being left unassigned as a tribute to the leader.


Indian Model Arxka

Lastly but not leastly Arthikka Jey. Arthikka lives in Toronto, Canada and is a dab hand at criminology.

FACT: India was exceptional when it came to hockey in the 1920s. The British were forced to withdraw from the Olympics in 1920 to avoid a probable defeat by their colony.

Hope you enjoyed this listicle on Indian models. If you’re an influencer or a fitness model and would like to be featured then drop a comment in the box below.

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