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It’s been a tough week whittling down this weeks contenders for the top UK models on Instagram. I’ve agonised over my decision, worn holes in the lounge rug pacing around the flat in  my dressing gown, deliberating. And eventually, thought it best to remove myself from the listicle. “But babe?” my sober-half would say broiling, “You’re an international model, as good as anyone. Why do you have to be so damn altruistic all the time!

Look, this isn’t about me, ok. Sometimes I just have to do the right thing, ok. (I have also been talking like Donald Trump all week, I don’t know why). These models are fantastic, I don’t know what they do but they’re fantastic. I’m a huge fan. They’re going to make this country great again, ok. Now go fix me some dinner.”

Here for your interest, in no discernible order. Are the top 10 UK models on Instagram.


Shooting beauty production 3 copy

Tatjana is a model, digital influencer and social media guru. If you’re a blogger, you should absolutely check out her site and find out how she can help you grow your audience with secret hacks. Follow her on twitter and click on her picture to follow her on instagram.

FACT: In London the tube route from Leicester Square to Covent Garden is the most popular tube route for tourists despite the fact that it is actually quicker to cover this distance on foot!


uk model

Kalia is termed the China Rose and is on the books at Up North Management. Follow her on Snapchat and Twitter, @cchinarose and click on her picture to check out her instagram page.

FACT: The first ever Glastonbury Festival was held in 1970. Tickets cost £1 each and included free milk from the local farms. The first headline act was T Rex, who filled in when the The Kinks pulled out at the last minute.

Billy Brayshaw


Billy Brayshaw is a model and an actor and you should definitely check out his show reel on YouTube

Follow him on Twitter @billyilliam and click on his photo to check out his Instagram profile.

FACT: According to the Law Commission, contrary to popular belief, it’s not illegal for a man to urinate in public if it is on the rear wheel of his vehicle and his right hand is on the car.

Harley Sparks


Harley Sparks is a freelance model from SE London, UK. She is available for bookings and you should definitely click on her photo and follow her journey on Instagram.

FACT: In Cambridge there is a bridge where you are legally allowed to fight from the death if you have written permission from the college and the Queen.

Lauren Kenny


You should absolutely down tools (after reading this blog) and check out Lauren Kenny’s Tumblr. She can be found on twitter @laurennnkenny and click on her picture for more info on her Instagram page.

FACT: Two of the UK’s finest exports are undoubtedly James Bond and The Beatles. In the 1964 Bond thriller Goldfinger, Connery purrs, of drinking Dom Perignon at the wrong temperature, “It’s simply not done…like listening to the Beatles without earmuffs.” Young fans reportedly booed the line in theatres, but the actor himself bears no real animosity toward the Beatles. Connery even collaborated with George Martin in 1988 for the Beatles producer’s In My Life album.

Janira Ider


the French photographer Raw Shoot and the very talented make-up/hair artist Mayyasroom. The famous Hairstyle : Inesa Parfenii

This is a never seen before shot from Janira’s recent shoot in Paris with Hayet Medjoub the fashion designer from New-York. Click on her link to follow her on Instagram and show some support on her facebook page. To check out her last YouTube clip with Bollywood superstar singer Shaan and the music by Guru Soundz then click on the link here 
I really want to mentioned the people with who I worked in my projects because I really think is not my only work is our work and we arrived together to the result.” – Janira.

FACT: The announcement that London will host the Games in 2012 was greeted by wild celebrations in Trafalgar Square, where 30,000 people gathered. The following day, 52 people were killed by four suicide bombs on London’s transport system. (Sorry rather depressing, but interesting right?)

Yollanda Musa


Photographer Saqueeb Butt Stylist and makeup is me Yollanda Musa

Yollanda Musa is Instagrams premier petite model (hold on I thought I had that title?). This lady is boxing in an ultra white collar match for charity and you should absolutely check out her page on Instagram by clicking her picture and showing her your support.

FACT: According to British law, it’s still perfectly legal to kill any Scotsman who enters the city of York if he happens to be carrying a bow and arrow.

Romanie Smith

Romanie3398 300

Glenn Wallace as the photographer

Romanie (the girl at the top of the page also) is a London based International model. You should absolutely check out her page by clicking on the picture, like her on facebook and email her for bookings.

FACT: My brother is in his early 40’s and has never left the UK.

Anna G


I was working as an engineer in the  construction company two years ago when my life changed and I started modeling career. I cherished it and finally dream came true! Today I m excited to be one of the Finalist of Top Model UK competition which going to be held in March 2017. ” – Anna G. Anna is the banner girl for the feature and you should absolutely click on her picture and follow her journey on instagram.

FACT: Liverpool FC have one the Champions League Cup 5 times and Manchester UTD 3 times. (OK so slightly tenuous but look it’s getting on, I’ve got a life to lead outside of this blog you know!)

Rob Cash

rob jones

Depending on which day of the week you catch him it’s either Rob Cash or Rob Jones. Former kebab-conuessuer, former marching band drummer, former bachelor of Braintree town, Rob has now devoted his attentions to modelling shoes on sofas. Only messing. A big ball of talent, writes, sings, plays every instrument (not sure about bagpipes) DJ’s, teaches, and just when you think the list couldn’t go on, it doesn’t. Check out Rob’s portfolio for acting and modelling info and click on his picture to follow on instagram.

FACT: I hum Right Said Fred’s ‘I’m Too Sexy‘ song when being photographed for lifestyle shoots.


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  1. Rika
    January 15, 2017 / 2:53 pm

    You should check out this model based in London new fresh and exciting @ibrahimvdb he has a bachelor of sience degree in economics and finance. He has a billboard in timesquare Newyork for Bensherman he closed the show for siblingslondon has done a Nike advert.

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