Top 5 Best Piano Players on Youtube


It used to be my thing, video myself playing the piano and throwing it up on Youtube. I also posted a video of myself running naked on a treadmill that’s currently got 150 views and two comments requesting more. So you could say I know what it’s like to be a Youtube sensation. Much like these talented mofos I have been watching over the years.


Hey YOU toobs! No doubt there is something going on with Ronald.¬†And I’m not talking about his intricate use of pitch bend over the pentatonic scale. He has a goofish charm, not the sort that gets the ladies wet I’m guessing but you’re immediately onside with Ronald. He almost leads you into a false sense of security with his ‘simple’ introductions to his videos. When you hear him speak he sounds as fast as a piece of plywood, but his hands are fast, and his jams are ‘really fun’.


God I’m in love with this woman. I would probably sacrifice a couple of toes just to have one night with this girl. I imagine that night to be like that scene out of that film The Doors where Val Kilmer nails that goth reporter as she cries ‘F*ck me rock god’ as¬†Carmina Burana plays in the background. Sorry I digress. I don’t know why I rate women in toes either. Most guys grade them out of ten, or how many pints they’d have to drink in order to sleep with them. I go for how many toes I’m willing to lose. Vika if you’re out there, you’re a two toe girl, a small piggy on each foot.


And now for something completely different and who knows what this guy is on. All I know he has a hard on for the Rocky movies and God love him. He has worked out every minutiae of the Rocky soundtrack and even choreographs some of the fights during his recitals. Also records his vids from a birds eye POV so makes it easier for people like me to copy.


This guy doesn’t just work out all the hits, he has little obscure ones like Wolf at the Door by Radiohead. Downside is he is fairly bland to watch. Maybe he can pay a hot blond blonde to just run into shot topless. Like that scene in Airplane where everyone starts going hysterical and out of nowhere and for no explicable reason, a girl runs into shot with her rack out. Just an idea.


Oh look who it is! Ok so this is lame, putting myself up there. Truth is I couldn’t think of anyone else off the top of my head and my mate is fighting in the MMA in a few minutes and I want to stream the fight. Here’s me attempting Por Una Cabeza. 17k views that ain’t bad. 16 people gave it the thumbs down, what as*holes. There should be a rule that anyone that gives my version of Por Una Cabeza the thumbs down, must be able to play that song better than me. 16 people, god damn a*holes.


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