Top 5 Freckled Stars to Follow on Instagram


“You like being nailed by the King?” – Buddy Rich – American Beauty

When I was younger I had a dusting of freckles across the bridge of my nose. Over night my appearance seemed to transmogrify with the arrival of adolescence and my beautiful freckles were replaced with blackheads and zits. It’s safe to say the camera was put away for 5 years, and my virginity remained firmly intact buried within a forcefield of insecurity, zero self-esteem and puss. I digress. Point is I miss my freckles. Freckles are wonderful, they have always been wonderful. To present my case here are 5 reasons why.


“It’s no secret growing up with red hair and freckles makes you a target for bullying. I’ve been “freckle frackle”, “Pippy long stockings” and the ever clever “polka dot face”. I cannot express how embarrassing it was to have my mom chaperone all of my school field trips so she could slather me in sun screen at her discretion. Spending the majority of my adolescent life in south Florida as one of the only pale freckled girl in my class, I eventually learned to embrace my unique physical features. Now at 23, I must say my freckles are my favorite physical characteristic, I would not give up a single one up.”Fiery Foxx. Fiery Foxx has also set up an appreciation page for the freckled alumni which you can find here.

DEMISHA ROBBINSthumbnail_image1

Demisha Robbins, out of Chicago. Her profile is a mixture of alluring selfies and voguish swim wear catalogue shots, the occasional video and the odd motivational message. For bookings you should refer to her management: King Davis. What a name. I’ve always wanted to be called King. The name always reminds me of that scene from American Beauty where Annette Benning has that affair with the real estate broker, Buddy King. Let me find that on YouTube  …….. I’ve got it, it’s here go to minute 5.19.


“I love taking pictures…specifically selfies of my freckles lol. I’ve always loved my freckles even as a child (my freckles arrived at the age of 7). And I hope one day to have a child who inherits my freckles.” – Mel. Freckles isn’t the only thing that  Mel has going for her. She has great hair, wonderfully manicured eyebrows and she can wear the crap out of a dress.


“This is Miriam Chick follow me on Instagram. Find ways to unlock secret pictures;) redhead love -MJ”.  Well Miriam has a mild stuttering of freckles across the bridge of her nose, across her shoulders and down her arms. You’ll mainly see Miriam in and around a body of water – by the beach, in a hot tub/sauna. I have tried unlocking secret pictures but I’ve failed the initiative test sadly, if anyone has any success please in box me.


Photograph by Kevin Millet @KevinMillet

Photograph by Kevin Millet @KevinMillet

Sara Sue could be the poster child for freckles. In her free time, she loves practicing yoga, boxing and has a passion for writing. Get your freckle fix by checking out her fill modelling portfolio. She has a lustrous head of hair that she swooshes round a fair bit and looks like she can kick some ass too when she throws on the gloves.


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