Top 5 Gym Bunnies to Follow on Instagram


I normally shy away from following self-confessed fitness addicts on Instagram, usually it does nothing for my self-esteem to see a ripped dude’s torso in my feed, especially as I’m knocking back an all day breakfast with all the trimmings. But gym bunnies are easier on the eye, less vain and I feel like I can compete with them in an arm wrestle. Here are the top 5 Gym Bunnies that you should follow on Instagram.

Amber Shixuan


She looks double hard now with the half shaved head. Not every picture on her account is her on the treadmill, in fact very few of her are in the gym. Amber’s pictures focus on the rewards of putting the hours in, and she’s into beach volleyball. Who doesn’t like seeing pictures of girls playing beach volleyball?

Hanna Hyvonen


Do you know what I’ve completely changed my mind. I wouldn’t stand a chance in an arm wrestle with these girls. They would end up throwing me across the bar like that evil lass in Superman 2. That reference is only 26 years old.

“Lets just hold hands”.

“You let me know if this tickles”.

Crystal Greffard


Out of the Physically Cultured gym, Crystal doesn’t waste time posting pictures of her egg white breakfasts or the sunsets on her morning run. You’d never guess from her Instagram profile that she ever leaves the gym. By the way does anyone do this move – after you’re done benching, drop the pin to a heavier weight in case someone like Crystal uses the machine after. That’s right I stoop to those levels of desperation to try and impress women.

Adriene Koleszar


Adriene is one of those names that you just associate with hot women. A bit like a Xenia, or a Tatiana, wait am I just naming Bond girls now? I think I am. Adriene certainly looks the sort of girl that takes the skin off chicken, and I’m willing to bet she hasn’t had a hangover in the last 3 years, if ever.

Abigail Brown


Whereas I treat my body like its a rental car, fuelling it with chicken kievs and rhubarb cider, Abigail’s body truly is a temple. If you were to take her to McDonalds for a dinner date, she’d probably do a shoulder roll out of a moving car and sprint to the nearest Sushi bar. By the time I peel my lazy-ass out of bed on a Sunday it’s more than likely that she’s already done a 10k, made iced tea and is heading back to the gym for another session.




  1. Bernard
    June 10, 2016 / 5:39 pm

    Who are you exactly Peter B ?

    • June 10, 2016 / 6:04 pm

      Hello Bernard, I’m the editor. If you have any questions please email me in the contact section and I’ll be happy to answer any queries. Thank you.

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