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Busty Female Shop Assistant: ‘Is this some kind of bust?’ Lt. Frank Drebin: ‘Well… it’s very impressive, yes, but we need to ask you a few questions.’ – The Naked Gun 2 1/2, The Smell of Fear

My first and only Hooters restaurant I frequented was in Prague, late summer circa 2009. I was certain the coquettish waitress that was front of house, blonde, diminutive, was giving me the kind of eye that stays with a man. If I was on a desert island I’d be looking fore-longingly at a picture of that Hooters girl in a pocket watch like Tom Hanks did with Helen Hunt in Castaway. I’d miraculously return years later to Prague, track down the Hooters girl and give her back the watch telling her its a family heirloom and should stay in her family. She’ll no doubt ask who I was, why I had a picture of her in a pocket watch that wasn’t hers and get her 6,5 brick shit house of a husband, Marek, to break my arm. Sorry I digress, here in no discernible order are the Top 5 Hooters girls to follow on Instagram.

Sable Robbert


Sable Robbert is the poster girl for Hooters. Crowned 2016 Miss Hooters International, she’s been a Hooters girl five times and is keen to champion making National First Responders Day (the cops that are called first to a potentially hazardous crime scene) a recognised day by Congress. Sign the petition here.

HOOTERS FACT: The first Hooters opened October 4, 1983, in Clearwater, Florida

Chelsea Morgensen


Chelsea is a professional model, actress and was 3rd runner up at Miss hooters International 2016! You should look out for her in the Miss February in the 2017 international Hooters calendar.

HOOTERS FACT: Hooters endured our share of frivolous lawsuits, but none have put a dent in their ability to provide some good, old-fashioned fun in a casual atmosphere free from the intervention of outside parties with nefarious motives.



Jorra Zayn will also feature in the 2017 Hooters Calendar, so look out for that. She looks to be living the all American dream and believes in chasing that dream, in high heels of course.

HOOTERS FACTIn 2003 the Hooters Brand literally took to the skies when Hooters Air Airline was launched. At its peak the airline served 15 cities including Nassau and Las Vegas. While Industry problems grounded the carrier in 2006, the venture will forever be a part of airline lore.

Amanda Steinbecker

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Amanda has a BA in Medical Biology and Chemistry and is a 2015, 2016, 2017 Hooters Calendar Girl. Also keen to back the National First Responders Day. Like so many of the other Hooters girls that work with local communities and charities helping to create awareness.

HOOTERS FACT: Hooters is proud of the more than 300,000 Hooters alumnae who have grown into their own lives as mothers, wives, career-minded businesswomen and entrepreneurs, many becoming doctors, lawyers, authors, government officials and community leaders.

Mariana Tolentino


Married to her high school sweetheart, which is sweet. I’ve seen pictures of the dude too, chiseled, six-pack, lustrous head of hair. They should breed and keep that good looking gene-pool going.

HOOTERS FACT: In 2006 Hooters partnered with the V Foundation for Cancer Research and established a $2 Million Breast Cancer Research Grant in the name of Kelly Jo Dowd. Kelly was the 1998 Hooters Calendar Cover Girl and cancer-fighting symbol who spent the last years of her life battling breast cancer.



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