Top 5 Transgender Models to Follow on Instagram


“If I can change, then you can change, everyone can change!” – Rocky – Rocky 4.

There’s a few things I’ve learnt along the way doing this blog. First off, never book yourself into a hotel in Bristol and allow your girlfriend to initiate physical intimacy whilst trawling through transgender profiles on Instagram. It just confuses everything. Second up, I’ve heard along the way that beauty has no gender. I’ll let you make up your own mind, here for your viewing pleasure are the Top 5 Transgender Models to Follow on Instagram.



You may recognise Denise ‘The Piece’ Dalton from the hit Maltese Reality Tv Show, Maltese Top Model. She narrowly missed out on the top spot but non-the-less it launched her career as an international model which has later garnered a huge social media following.  Her profile is a classy collection of selfies, elegant evening dresses and of course, the perfunctory odd cheeky snapchat post.



Introducing Beauty Queen and transgender model, Bee ‘0’Behave’ Urgello. Her profile is incredibly voguish, with a mixture of catalogue shots, foodie posts and for some reason she loves a car selfie. And why not. If I looked that good in my car I’d be posting car selfies all day. Looks good in heels and can wear the crap out of a dress.



Pietra is Brazilian, with seamlessly an endless amount of bodysuits at her disposal. Her profile suggests she’s into travel, fashion, food, fast cars, make-up and picking apples from a tree in her underwear. And I say why not.



Catherine is a part time photographer. Her style looks to have it’s high heels firmly planted in vintage americana, with black and white stills of building signs, empty beaches and abstract architecture. She has a good eye for composition and is easy on the eye herself.


teecook (1)

Lastly but not leastly (my mum hates that expression, and yes I’m deliberately getting it wrong). Teeghan Cook. Ok so she’s not technically a model, but lets give the girl a break shall we. “I’m originally from New York but grew up in Melbourne Florida, started my transition after high school seven years ago. I think the stereotypes of trans women need to change and we should come together to show the world we are no different from anyone else.” – Teeghan. Well said sweetheart. 



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