Lagonda Concept Vision in Park Lane

Lagonda Concept Vision in Park Lane

Last week I got to see the Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept and the Rapide E down at Park Lane, Mayfair.

I’d like to thank Georgina and the team at Aston Martin, plus Carl Thompson for inviting me along to the Aston Martin showroom.


inside the Lagonda Concept

The doors have gills

The doors have a rear hinged aperture. These interiors are still in the design process (remember this won’t get manufactured until 2021) however, I’m told they will be like fish gills, used to control the temperature of the car.

David Snowden design interiors

David Snowden design interiors

The Lagonda Vision Concept will be the first luxury brand that is emission free. The front seat will pivot round and face the rear and the steering wheel will retract. 

Lagonda logo

Shark nose rear

The rear has a classic shark nose effect. The ‘O’ looks like something extracted from Tony Stark’s chest.

Inside the Lagonda

The ashtray?

Inside car interiors

All in the details

The woollen interiors designed by English craftsman David Snowden. Cut and patterned by Savile Row tailors Henry Poole. (Inventors of the Tuxedo).

black and white man in suit inside a car

Whatever you do don’t touch it

Roomy car ineriors

Feet up

Man inside luxury car

Did I leave the iron on?

Man style inside car

Try it anyway

luxury car interiors

It doesn’t have an ejector seat.

steering wheel aston martin lagonda

Prepare for ludicrous speed

Lagonda car wheels Lagonda car nose grilleRapide E wheels

The matted wheels above (from the Rapide E) are aluminium and were described by a member of the Aston Martin team as the mask of Darth Vadar.

I said it had some menace. The gentleman took a mental note of my analogy.

Rapide E White 2019

Above is the Rapide E, with a honeycomb grille. 155 made, price available upon application.

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