mens party shoeChristmas parties are wonderful cocktails of opportunity to unleash the full armoury of your foot locker. However, as festive parties are typically diffused between, family, friends and co-workers, it’s not always ‘one outfit, fits all’.

I have a party on the horizon. My girlfriend and her flatmate host what’s become infamous as the Octopus Party.*

It’s a swanky do, brimming with discerning clientele, well-heeled friends, no reprobates like me. I’ll be riffing off some of the Base London style guides that I’ve written extensively about on Menswear Style.

Base London Slip on Loafer

mens party shoe This sleek tassel loafer is only £69.99 and is a belter of a mens party shoe. I won’t be using the word cheeky, but the tassel on these leather uppers does make this a standout loafer.

Base London Lace up Boot

mens party shoe

This tan lace up boot will be awesome when out in the country for Christmas. I’ll be visiting my family over in Huntingdon, (the rich part) and could snap a pair of these tans boots for £79.99.

When thinking about mens party shoes you need to factor in the moments of reprieve, like walking the dog, fetching more logs from the garden, nipping round to the neighbour for a cheeky cigarette.* A legitimate use of the word cheeky.

Base London Wingtip Brogue

mens party shoe

A cracking light grey flannel suit, with a break just above the ankle on these Black Wingtip Brogues. Evenly priced at £69.99. Perfect attire for the office party.

Question, what if you work from home? Should there be some anti-office party day for those that work at home and only have the cats to talks to? Come on Alibaba, sort that one out.

*I’m fully prepped with my Octopus facts, for example Octopodes is the correct plural form of Octopus since the word stems from Greek. Although we just use Octopuses as a main form of pluralisation. Octopi is a woefully inaccurate term, that stems from the Latin plural.

Sounds like a great party right?

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