Triangular Bar – obviously

It was grey and rubbish that day in Bellinzona. The missus and I hiked around the hills inspecting castles and vineyards, typical rich-whitey behaviour. She talked about how alcohol is the cement for all western relationships. I had no rebuke.


Like lego right?

Where is Bellinzona? The town lies east of the Ticino river, at the foot of the Alps. It’s famous for it’s three castles (Castelgrande, Montebello, Sasso Corbaro) that have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2000. In the valleys most buildings look functional, some lego-like – some are striving to find their own identity like a hot teenage goth covered in scripture tattoos


A formidable corner

You can kill a couple of hours here climbing the roads that run serpentine to the castles in the hills. Expect to get lost. We climbed so far up the wrong road to someones back door I was tempted to knock and ask to use the facilities.


I just like yellow

There’s nice vantage points for pictures up in the hills, there’s not much else to keep you entertained for more than 3-4 hours.

From Zurich to Bellinzona by train will take you 1hr 40 mins and cost you about 55 sheets.


Wine country again!

Is Bellinzona worth the trip? Absolutely. For people that love hiking and sticking their nose into other peoples vineyards then Bellinzona is a nice way to kill a couple of hours. I’d doubt you’d come here for anything longer than a day. Certainly not Stag-Do country.


San Sebastiano Church


Rooftop bar? Nope.


Castelgrande in Bellinzona 2017

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