Coming to London and need somewhere to stay?

Want to find a room that has a view of the London Eye from the balcony?

And a hot tub?

Crikey who are you Rod Stewart?

Last week I was invited to stay at the Bermondsey Square Hotel in London, a sister site to the La Suite West Hotel in Bayswater

If you’re looking for a hotel that is close to Tower Bridge and only ten minutes from London Bridge then the Bermondsey Square Hotel is a convenient place to set up camp.

The missus and I stayed in the decadent Lucy Suite which is currently available for £450 a night, though rooms are currently available for £109 a night. London’s average room rate is the most expensive in the country, circa £135 a night.

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There is no sweeter word in the English language than ‘upgrade’. That feeling when someone tells you you’ve been upgraded; it’s like a stranger complimenting you on your hair, I’d imagine. The point being I was lucky enough to be upgraded to the Lucy Suite, which is the best suite in the hotel. Is it worth £450 a night?


THE LUCY SUITE found at the end of the dimly-red lit corridor. The suites on the 7th floor are the unsung jewels of London luxury. The Diamond Loft Suite Lucy has the additional hot tub on the terrace that will seat 8, but 2’s plenty.


It’s neatly tucked around the side of the private terrace for absolute discretion. It’s the kind of setting that makes you wish you had a bottle of Bollinger to hand. If Barry White was still around he’d write a song about this Suite. You get the idea, it’s tasty.

The Grohe drench super shower has a wonderful brutish intensity. The missus rates the pillows close to, though not usurping, the pillows of the Mandarin hotel. Believe me that is high pillow praise.

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Downstairs it is the very definition of eclectic boutique. It has air hockey, a space invader coffee table. It carefully treads the trusses of modern and retro; a huge plasma tele one end, an Imperial typewriter in the other. The brekkie is included, the staff are nice, particularly Daisy who was kind enough to indulge my narcissism, taking pictures of me looking longingly over the terrace for the cover of my imaginary solo album. (The missus had left at 5AM to catch a flight. A taxi from the hotel to the airport using JustAirports costs £27).

eggs-avocado-breakfast hotel-interiors

The only criticism I’d have of the hotel is that the location doesn’t offer you a great deal of optionality for restaurants within a stones throw. Not really the fault of the hotel as such but you’ll need to plan your evening accordingly when it comes to dining. The menu at the Bermondsey Square is all-day and very reasonably priced, unfortunately I didn’t get to sample more than the breakfast.


Would you be willing to pay £450 a night? If you’re interested in having your hotel reviewed drop me an email or a comment in the box below. Click on any image for more information on the Bermondsey Square Hotel.


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