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The Loafer is a slip-on shoe that no man can be without this summer. I’ve put together a list of Top 5 Best Men’s Loafers for Summer 2018 that caters for all budgets. Starting from cheapest to most expensive.


You might want to get in quick as this Clarks sand coloured Loafer is down to the last size. The navy blue suede has been reduced also so might not be available by the time you get to read this.

I do like a contrast sole, and if you want to know the best way to clean white trainers then the answer is CIF, toothbrush and a wet sponge.


Clarks Loafers Best loafers for SS18


This will certainly turn some heads. The burgundy faux suede is an ostentatious and daring take on the Loafer.

The tassel detail is a nice touch and ornaments it nicely. They look far from expensive, the suede leathers on the Clarks looks more textured and soft.
However, if you’re on a budget and want to add something different to your black tie, this Burgundy Loafer will shake things up.

Asos Loafers Mens Red faux Suede


This Base London Strike slip on loafer, is an audacious piece from the Clockwork Collection.

I can personally vouch for how comfortable these Base London loafers are wearing them for 72 hours straight on a recent trip to Bilbao. (I did take them when I slept).

A blend of both modern and traditional, this Strike shoe is available in saucy Hi Shine Black, Navy & Bordo. The resin soles & seam stitching adds an extra attraction to this style.

Find out how to style mens loafers over on the Base London Blog.

Man on platform wearing loafers


Oh hello baby! We’ve gone up a few gears with these Crockett & Jones slippers.

Today, there are 12 Crockett & Jones flagship stores, displaying the largest collection of Crockett & Jones shoes, worldwide. Crockett & Jones finest English shoes are also stocked by many of the world’s luxury clothing stores and shoe shops.

I should stress they are slippers and not loafers. I wanted to be clear on how Crockett & Jones distinguishes the slipper from the loafer and this is what they told me:

Still they’ve made it to my Top 5 Best Men’s Loafers as they are brand of James Bond. I’m guessing it’s the quilted innards that lend it more to a slipper than a loafer.

Made from soft velvet, satin quilted linings and hard leather soles. From the Men’s Main Collection.

Best Men's Loafers Crockett & Jones Velvet Slippers


Can anyone lend us £1780?

I’m not sure how in vogue it is to promote the fact I want a pair of Crocodile Leather Loafers, but they are undeniably beautiful.

Precious slip-on shoes masterfully crafted from crocodile, featuring Gancini ornament and stitched details. Exquisitely luxurious.

Best Men's loafers expensive

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