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So I’m a blogger, how do I get brands to work with me? 

Just to be clear I’m not the authoritarian on this subject, I’m a relatively small fish in a shark tank compared to the likes of the monolithic menswear bloggers, Carl Thompson, John Robertson or Jim Chapman.

But it is a question I get asked a lot so here are some blogging tips.

Me in the bathtub in my pyjamas

Just starting out?

Focus on independent brands that are more approachable. I’m presuming by now you’ve got your blog set up, you have garnered something of a following and now you’re looking to collaborate with brands.

I loved the look of Claes Goran, (I’m modelling the pyjamas) the schlubby but tailored appeal resonates with every fibre of my being.

My point? Start looking at independent brands that speak to you, then offer them something they don’t have.

me in the bath tub in pin stripe pyjamas

A location shoot gives a brand a global appeal and offers verisimilitude of international success. (In this case Claes Goran didn’t need me for that, their clothes are already sold in Sweden, Japan and the Netherlands).

Create a case study for the brand to see. Take a lot of pictures of your own wardrobe (or someone else’s) on your next holiday or press trip and tell the brands this what you can offer them.

Another of me in the bath tub in my Claes Goran pyjamas wearing shades

Done that, but what do I say? 

It’s not often I approach brands now, but I used to be as respectful as I could, even if I knew it was a one man band. I’d start with the following.

Hi there, (try and get a name if possible. The internet is a wonderful place, especially Linkedin for this kind of thing).

I had the good fortune of stumbling across your page on social media and love the look of the latest (name the product or collection) and thought (Brand name) would benefit from a review on my blog.

Would you mind putting me in touch with someone from your PR department.

Yours sincerely,


thinking of blogging tips in my claes goran pyjamas sat on the balcony

What can you persuade them with?

If you get a reply then then brands will sometimes ask for a Media Kit, or social handles and stats.

Chances are brands might have already used tools to do an audit on your page to discover your Domain Authority and social media engagement. The latest one is Hype Auditor for Instagram which will determine how good your engagement rate is.

screenshot of instagram auditor

Use this tool yourself if you have a good report include it in your Media Kit.

A lot of independents will say they don’t have any capacity in their marketing budget. Or even a marketing budget at all!

This is fine as you’re building a portfolio, and believe it or not, a lot of established bloggers still review things for free.

This is not a sponsored post for the record.

Give them something for free

This is one of the best blogging tips I can give you. You might have arranged a fee for a review or sponsored post. But you should always try and over deliver.

For example I put a couple of mini vids together from stills and posted them on my Insta Stories. Video is key at the moment and every social media platform outside of Facebook is thirsty for video content.

Lastly about those Pyjamas

I conducted a poll on Twitter (my new obsession) and asked should men be wearing pyjamas to bed.

Instagram poll screenshot I think the facts speak for themselves ok?

By the way if you’d like to get your polls out to a larger audience then follow Polls Everywhere who are kind enough to retweet mine.

PS – I attempted to post these vids onto my Instagram page and they were taken down for music copyright reasons.

Which is absolutely fair play. Facebook are equally as strict.  But they can be published in the stories, Linkedin and Twitter.

Instead I want to make this article more about customer service tips and how good relationships are forged between brands and bloggers.

Did you like this article on blogging tips? Let me know if you need any help in the comment bar below and I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

But wait Pete, who are Claes Goran? 

Claes Goran is the brainchild of Claes Bondelid, a designer who founded the brand amidst a collision of serendipitous events. He previously ran an airline company and wanted to host a party celebrating the 10th anniversary of Woodstock.

He needed a place to host it so took on a premises that had a lot of old clothes heaped and abandoned. The space became  part thrift store, part rehearsal studio and quickly cultivated a reputation for the place to be for like-minded creatives.


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