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In this episode of From Tailors With Love we discuss the wedding suits of James Bond.

Matt Spaiser, the editor of The Suits of James Bond, and I discuss the wedding suit that George Lazenby wears in On her Majesty’s Secret Service and the off-the-peg morning dress that Timothy Dalton wears in Licence to Kill.

In anything Bondian Matt discusses his trip to the Orlebar Brown influencer event in NYC and I talk about my open letter to Michael G. Wilson at EON productions.

We didn’t have much time to discuss any James Bond news but here are some things that have happened in the past fortnight.

Previously unpublished photo of Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw The Shed

A never before seen shot of Ben Whishaw has been published through The Shed website. Ben is performing in the play Norma Jean Baker of Troy.

He is wearing a black peak lapel jacket with a soft white shirt with open collar and cuffs. The jacket has a bruschetta pocket and a 3 brown resin buttons on the cuff.

Noticeably this picture is different to the one on the poster advertising the show so we can assume this is what Ben wears in his downtime. He is also sporting a silver ring and golden pendent.

The play runs until May 19th so we can assume that Q won’t be reporting for duty for another month.

Brioni on the red carpet

Tom Cooper Brioni

Tom Hopper attended the premiere of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ wearing a wool and silk Brioni bespoke suit with a cashmere turtleneck. Admittedly I’ve never heard of this dude but like the way he’s mixed things up here.

Tom is better known for his TV work, Game of Thrones, Casualty etc. I haven’t watched Game of Thrones but that might change now I’ve got myself a big-ass 65″ tele.

Kevin Costner Brioni

Kevin Costner attends the ‘Highwaymen’ premiere wearing a wearing a Brioni wool and silk bespoke suit and a striped cotton shirt. The trailer for that looks the nails, I’ll be watching.

With the stripe shirt and open collar, Kevin proves he has been to many premieres and is happy to break the look into something more casual.

Asian Award Brioni

That’s more like it Ken. I guess award shows demand more black tie than movie/tv premieres.

Ken Watanabe attends the 13th Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong wearing a Brioni tuxedo, white cotton shirt and silk bow tie.

Brioni Double Breasted red carpet

Joel Kinnaman  attends the ‘Hanna’ Premiere wearing a double-breasted cashmere and silk Brioni bespoke suit and a Sea-Island cotton shirt.

I’d say this is my favourite suit of the bunch.

Brioni shawl lapel red carpet

Lastly, Chinese actor Zhu Yi Long attended the Sina Weibo Night wearing a dark purple Brioni shawl lapel dinner jacket with floral print, evening trousers, tuxedo shirt and silver brooch.

The floral print very much a staple for the younger Brioni customers. Brioni was James Bond tailor from Goldeneye to Casino Royale before Tom Ford took over in Quantum of Solace. 

Turnbull and Asser have new lodgers

Bennet and Winch Turnbull and Asser

For the next two months, British brand Bennet Winch will be taking up residency at The Turnbull Townhouse in New York where you can view their luxury leather luggage and accessories range—all of which is handcrafted in England.

The MD for the Turnbull & Asser branch in NYC , Kevin Hewitt also announced to me that the Jermyn Street store will be under going massive surgery in the new year.

Idris and his don’t stab shirts

idris elba don't stab your future shirts

Self proclaimed air to the James Bond throne Idris Elba has now released his Don’t Stab Your Future tees and sweatshirts through his website. The new apparel is a stance against the rise in knife crime in the youth culture of London.

All proceeds go to charity.

Savile Row News

no.3 savile row

Me outside no.3 Savile Row before the blue plaque was installed

We mention this on the podcast about no.3 Savile Row, currently occupied by Abercrombie has been recognised as a place of significance by English Heritage.

A blue plaque commemorating the last concert by The Beatles which happened on the rooftop of what was then the Apple Corps, management auxiliary for the band.

Credit goes to Richard Porter for pushing this. He does London Walks highlighting cool London landmarks for Beatles fans. I’ve been on one and you can read that report here.

Timmy’s Pyjamas

Timothy Dalton Pyjamas

As pointed out by My Budget Bond on Twitter, someone down at GQ is indulging drawing a reference to the Zimmerli silk Satin Pyjamas to the ones Timothy Dalton wore in Licence to Kill.

A bit rich for my blood but the do look rather swish. As my co-host Matt is also keen to highlight, these pyjamas from Zimmerli are much better than the ones that Timmy wore.

Royale Filmwear release Spectre Solden Jacket

Spectre Solden Jacket

Lastly Royale Filmwear have released their Spectre Solden Jacket. Looks the business and David Zaritsky has done a Vlog on this over on his YouTube channel which you can catch below.

The chap who makes these beautiful clothes has no interest in being on the podcast despite both mine and Matt’s attempts to get him on. Which is fine, just some people aren’t interested in replying to emails. If you think that sounds bitchy, you’re right, it does. Moving on.


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