brick-lane-street-photographyMy favourite part of London – Brick Lane

Were you out and about in Brick Lane this weekend fashionistas? 

Were you wearing your Sunday best? 

Have you got a special wardrobe dedicated to those Sunday Brick Lane visits? 

Have you ever thrown your dead pet rabbit ‘Rambo’ into the cardboard skip down the recycling centre because you’ve read Stephen Kings’ Pet Cemetery and you can’t risk going through that sh*t?

Ignore the last question, I went a little off-piste.

This Sunday gone I was out snapping away down Brick Lane. It was drizzling unfortunately so couldn’t snap as many cool cats as I would have wanted. However, here are some dapper dudes that caught my eye. I’m using the ASAP 54 shopping app to get the cheapest equivalent.


River Island £30

River Island Blue Check Suit Jacket

The gentleman above has a much better jacket and I’m doing him quite the dis-service by comparing the two. His looks to be more fitted, tapered at the waist. The pockets are slanted, the windowpane pattern is larger with blue and light tan. The fabric is heavier and he’s paired it well with a turtleneck sweater, finishing with a cigarette pursed between his lips.

The River Island jacket (left) is well priced at £30, but I don’t rate the polyester/wool blend. It looks a little flimsy. Opinions may vary.

Do you rate ASAP 54?

Tell us what Fashion Apps you use in the comment box below


Play Comme des Garçons £93

The App came back nothing for this. However if you google “Sneakers with Red Eyes” then you’ll find these quite awesome pair of Comme des Garçons Play x Converse Chuck Taylor trainers. The fella has kept them nice and white too, not an easy thing to do.

brick-lane-street-photographyThe man in the yellow raincoat

The gentleman on the left has a cool yellow mac, which is a nice choice for a miserable grey afternoon down Brick Lane. The app will tell you its a Stutterheim Stockholm Raincoat but it’s not.

It doesn’t have the back panelling and the rubber doesn’t look as thick.

However, it wasn’t a million miles off and you might be able to find it cheaper in Harvey Nichols. Keep an eye out for Stutterheim though, they’re coming on strong in recent seasons.


Stutterheim £221


The jacket above I couldn’t find on Google or ASAP 54. If anyone knows the brand then please leave a comment in the box below and I’ll amend the article at a later date.


RAF SIMONS Oversized Houndstooth Wool Blazer

I’m not suggesting for a minute that the gentleman on the left can’t afford a £1,200 Raf Simons blazer, but this is not the one the App has listed below.

The pocket construction is the first difference with the flap versus jetted. However, the hand-me-down aesthetic is prevalent in both, I feel.

This gentleman has gone to town with the rise collar and cravat, this look is right at home down Brick Lane.


Raf Simons £1,200










Polo Ralph Lauren Morgan Yale Slim-Fit Jacket

The chap on the left looks the nails in this smart light blue slim fit jacket. Has a bit of a Alex from Blur look about him. Whilst it’s not the Ralph Lauren Morgan Yale Jacket pictured below (again the open pockets versus jetted are the first give away) the look and unstructured feel are similar.

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Now I want to hear from you. Have you used the ASAP54 app? Do you think it works for you? Is it truly the shazam of fashion? Crikey Pedro what is with all the questions lately. Leave a comment below, let me know what you think.

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