Outside Entrance Hotel Bristol

The Bristol Palace Hotel in Genoa, is an elegant 4 star hotel in the heart of the city, (the posh part according to my mate, now a local resident). It boasts 133 rooms, 10 reception rooms and can hold up to 200 people. It’s a €40 taxi ride from the airport and will cost you £115 a night dependent on season. There is no cocktail reception or a man beating a kettle drum, however a nice bowl of sweets and a gorgeous luminescent lobby centred with an antique writing desk with all the trimmings.

Lobby with Antique Writing Desk

Look up and you’ll witness a mesmeric elliptical staircase with white and Liberty wrought-iron banisters that ascend to the top floor in a spectacular spiral that seems to be suspended in space.

You’ll have to catch it right, as in, wait for others to get out of your shot. Kindly ask them to move, failing that set off a fire alarm. (Don’t, although that’s a neat idea, it’s clearly a gag).

Elliptical Staircase Bristol Palace Hotel

The room is fine, functional, with a large bed and a mini bar. (Though someone had eaten the Pringles and replaced the lid. If you’re reading this Bristol Hotel, it wasn’t me. You have a leak, as Bond would say, you need to check your seals).

You’ll be happy to know coming up to a month of no drinking, I successfully dodged raiding any other contents. Don’t call me a hero.

Word of warning. If you’re using the Bidet then the ‘C tap’ does NOT mean cold. The Italian word for hot is Caldo. Yes, that’s right I made that mistake. Yes, that’s right, I leapt of that thing like that thing like Yosemite Sam – ‘My biscuits are burning! My biscuits are burning!’

Lastly on the room, the hangers. The hangers are the best damn hangers I’ve ever see in a hotel. Padded, cushioned, sweet sweet sumptuous hangers.

Hanger Bristol Palace Hotel

We had dinner on the terrace, Carpaccio of course. We declined a dessert but they gave us one anyway. Nice people here at the Bristol Palace.

Dining Lounge Terrace Suite

Blowing Out Birthday Cake

I recommend this place. The breakfast was one of the best we had on tour. Service was solid, rooms are decent and that staircase is just destined for a Bond fight scene.

Breakfast Suite Hotel Bristol Palace

Below is video of a guide I put together on Genoa that might help you get a feel for the city.


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