Hello everyone, just unloading some photos from my recent trip to the Bahamas. If you follow a lot of hashtags for #bahamas or #paradise island, you see a lot of juggy-influencers/models painting a picture of this incredible tropical island.

Don’t get me wrong, it is incredible. But…

It’s also falling apart at the seams.

We hired a car and drove around the entire island. We ventured into a few dilapidated buildings, which looked beyond the point of no return. We walked along one beach front where every house had been blown to bits by storms.

Swimming pools were now swamp pools. These are peoples dreams resorted to rubble.

I’m not posting these photos to denigrate the Bahamas, far from it. In my eyes this is far more interesting and poignant than juggy influencers flouncing about on Cabbage Beach.

The below took some finding. It’s actually a James Bond location used in the pre-titles form Casino Royale. I’ll be posting more photos and writing about that in another blog. You can check out my James Bond Style and Travel blog here.

OK that’s it from me. Next stop is Indonesia in a couple of months. Stay tuned for that and maybe follow my personal Instagram if you’re interested.

All photos take on a Nikon 300, compressed for upload speed. I’ve also written a top ten things to do in the Bahamas for the Carl Thompson blog which you can find here. I would recommend that actually.