What happened to smallest at the front?

A day out to Cheltenham races on behalf of Burton Menswear. Don’t mind if I do. On the bus drive down me and fellow lifestyle journo’s killed a 2 hour journey by comparing watches, belts, bags and c*cks. Ha not really, although there was a lot of c*ck talk. Upon arrival I was shown to my table and preceded to tuck into a glass of complimentary champagne.


We all backed Sad Ken

Seconds later the fire alarm went off and we were herded out like cattle. Outside we huddled together in small smoking pockets like emperor penguins. When we all ventured back in I parked my breakfast and was formerly introduced to Calum. He had a killer Burton light blue textured Skinny 3 piece on. I interrupted him ripping into a bagel and asked him for a picture on the balcony outside.


The boys talking about c*cks no doubt, all suited and booted for the #SmartOccasion.

No worries man” he said in an American accent. That’s nuts, I thought this guy was British? Why did I think he was British, just because his Dad played football for Man United? It was a cold realisation that I knew very little about Calum Best. I had preconceptions of him being a shagger, but from where? I knew he was a reality star, but from which show? All I had were unfounded fragments of knowledge based on hearsay and the sensationalist red top headlines. I actually knew f*ck all about the man.


I was obviously thinking of something hilarious

Man I’ll take pictures all day, whatever you need just shout me.” What a dude I thought. Later we sat down and had a chat about what it was like being the brand ambassador for Burton Menswear, the journey of becoming a gentleman and the weight of being the son of one the world’s most famous footballer. Click on the Youtube vid below for the full interview. For imagery check out the wonderful Victoria on @VickiPhoto


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