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This article is all about a recent trip I had to Canary Wharf and I’m going to point out some of the highlights.

It was a gorgeous day in Canary Wharf. The missus was right you need to be near the water when the sun is out like it was that day.

She’s right about most things apart from Sean Connery having too much chest hair. Can never have enough chest hair.

How do I get there?

If you’re looking to spend a day down Canary Wharf you can take the Jubilee line down to Westferry, changing at Canning Town on the way.

The roads are generally quiet on the weekends perfect conditions for taking that Brompton foldable bike on a little adventure.

Canary Wharf is plush, serene and unmolested. Almost like a mini Singapore.

I only saw one homeless guy, and even he was up and walking around. He had a Sheffield UTD top on so he might have just been lost.

In fact he might not have been homeless, only I did see him pick a cigarette butt off the floor and light it.

Man stood with a Brompton Foldaway Bike

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Boys on bikes around Canary Wharf

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Mini Golf at Canary Wharf

Mini Golf at Canary Wharf

So what can I do in Canary Wharf?

Did you know there’s a mini golf course in Canary Wharf and it’s free?

There’s table tennis peppered around the back of the docks opposite the Wetherspoons, formerly the ledgers building.

Of course you may know of Billingsgate fish market, that’s the largest indoor fish market in London and that backs onto a nice stretch of water where Sammy the Seal comes to eat.

They open 4am -8.30am Tuesday to Saturday.

There’s the Cabot Square fountain that is triggered by motion sensors and peppered around are Henry Moore statues.

Apparently they’re in transition, no one knows what to do with them so they’ve plonked them there for the time being.

From the mind of Ron Arud there’s a rod that they call the wind wand. A 50m spike that screams skyward, made of fibre glass so it wobbles a little.

You can enjoy a full guided tour around Canary Wharf for ten pound per person with London Walks. My Favourite so far has been The Beatles Walk.

Buildings and skyscrapers in Canary Wharf

Things to keep in mind when visiting Canary Wharf!

You have to be careful with your camera.. Security may look lapse but the place is safely guarded by the eye in the sky and if you start pointing your camera in doorways or peoples faces without permission you’ll soon get told to pack up your Brompton and go.

And where can I eat? I’m on a date!

I’m afraid I can’t offer too many places to eat, there are plenty of commercial chains. We stopped at All Bar One for the meze platter. £27 for five boutique dishes. They have a huge demijohn filled with faux-smarties. I must have helped myself to a pint of that. Once I found out they were free of course.

However, if you’re on a date, the weather is good, head to Jubilee Park. Tucked away and located above the Jubilee line, right next door to the Canary Wharf tube station. It’s a little oasis on a day like this and a perfect place for a picnic.

Skyscraper in Canary Wharf couple enjoy picnic in Canary Wharf

This article is supported by Brompton Bikes but all thoughts and imagery taken around Canary Wharf are my own.

Check out the video below for extra images.


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