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Carlotta Aisha Castagneris, ex full-time international model, is now a pharmacist getting a second university degree in physiotherapy and a health influencer on the web. 

As an Italian which is the best city for food? 

My fav places for food is Alba, I am totally in love with truffles, “tajarin” (a typical kind of pasta) and red wine.

It’s the place where Farinetti, the inventor of “eataly” comes from, but also Ferrero (Nutella) you can imagine the quality of food, and wine over there!

Another place that to me it’s unbelievably good for food it’s Urbino and all the Little places nearby, it is a part of Italy called Montefeltro. They make the best handmade pasta I have ever tried, that’s where my family comes from.


How come the Italians are the best dressed people in the world? 

Have you watched “the great beauty” by Paolo Sorrentino?

That movie shows how magical Italy is. I guess the way we grow up surrounded by art, by an immense sense of poetry in our life, with a culture based on beauty, makes our sense of style.

It’s why in every Italian person you can see style, even while going to the grocery store! And I think it is why we have great designers known all over the world.

How often do you get asked out on Social Media and real life? 

On social media very often, in real life very few times!

I think we all have changed the way of approaching people, it is much easier to write a message than to show up in real life and ask a girl out.

I have read that a lot of people prefer to stay home chatting on social networks rather than go out together.

Personally I love social networks and I think they are the great revolution of our time, but in terms of relationships, they should just be a way to get to the magic of seen a person in the eyes. There is no screen that can recreate that feeling.

CARLOTTA AISHA CASTAGNERIS italian model in a bikini

Which brand or designer would you like to be an ambassador for? 

It depends. My sporty side would say adidas or Nike, my pharmacist side would say Pfizer, my elegant side would say Roberto Cavalli.

Your work out routine and motivation? 

I do yoga every day, it makes me feel better in a physical and mental way, I am super into health and I try to show on my instagram how important it is to be strong but also flexy. That prevents a lot of injuries and physical problems. I truly believe sport is a medicine.

Every week-end I go for little sporty adventures into nature: I love skiing, nordic walking, horse riding.

CARLOTTA AISHA CASTAGNERIS italian model doing yoga

Favourite Cocktail?

I don’t drink cocktails, I drink wine. My favourites are red wines from piedmont such as BARBERA SUPERIORE, and BAROLO. I have a passion for wine, I’d love to become a sommelier.

Do you like James Bond films? 

I am a huge fan of James Bond!! I have seen all the movies, but I don’t like Daniel Craig that much, to me the perfect 007 was Pierce Brosnan.

CARLOTTA AISHA CASTAGNERIS italian model on balcony

Your party trick?

I don’t know if it’s a party trick, but when I am having super fun I dance barefoot on the table as Gigi Rizzi used to do with Brigitte Bardot (lol) it makes me feel free.

Your advice to aspiring models? 

Don’t let anyone change you. When I started modelling, girls  where super skinny. I always had my butt, and my curves, and in the end they where my fortune. And do not ever pay an agency to hire you, a good agency will never ask you money to start!

Ever been in a fight?

Yesssssss with my brother for the remote control when we were kids!

CARLOTTA AISHA CASTAGNERIS italian model on beach doing yoga

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